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Murdainc Suspended due non-functional email address
Im looking for some ps2 iso files and ive found some. The problem is there on bittorent and bittorent cant work on the pc. Does anyone know a website were i can download them.
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Do you mean you can't download torrents, period? - or is it just bittorrent that you're experiancing troubles with?

Or I find this tool very handy, it's a desktop application that searches several torrent sites within it's database, which include.

Pirate Bay
Torrent Spy
New Torrents
Torrent Reactor
Torrent Box
Torrent Portal
My Bit-Torrent
Todo Torrents
Zero Tracker

All of which are free, non-register.

The program is called Bit Che, I recommend you search for the .iso images within that. If you can't access any torrent sites, then would you please be more specfic as to what happens, i.e - error messeges, pop-ups, etc, etc - this will help everyone, help you.
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Murdainc Suspended due non-functional email address
well to be straight my computer cant connect to p2p programs
a_didy28 Suspended due non-functional email address
I have once had this problen too, when you cant aces file sharing programs. you need to check your IP adress I think. or have you ever mucked up your computor with viruses and then got it checked out??? that happened to me on my old computor and I couldent use file sharing programs again.

I recomend that you find out who checked your computor last (if some1 did).
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