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connect ps2 to pc with lan cable

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i've got a wireless access point
py ps2 can't connect wireless so i'd try connecting it via a router
to my pc

like this
internet --> access point ((( wireless ))) laptop --> router --> ps2
((( wireless ))) other pc

but if i connect my pc to my ps2 with lan cable and router i haveno internet

who can help me?

ps2 SCPH 50004

Windows XP Home Edition
Intel pentium 4 2.8 ghz
ATI Radeon 9000/9100 IGP
hitachi 55.8 gb

ps 2 scph 50007
External hdd Freecom classic sl 160 gb (maxtor l160p0)
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networking is a funny thing. many things can stop you from connecting.

you should be able to connect wirelessly if you have a wireless router and gaming adapter. The problem most people have with connections is the following.

1. they have security on their router and did not enter that information into the PS2 and or gaming adapter settings
2. they did not set their connection on the PC for "network sharing"
which means when you connect a second device the PC internet would disconnect
3. they have a firewall on the PC or router or even an antivirus program that is blocking outside connections from other devices
4. They type of router they have needs to have ports forwarded in order for other devices to connect.

here is some info on a few of the above problems.

That setup confuses me, how can you have a wireless access point and have a router pluged in your laptop..?
You want internet modem>Router/Acces point>Ps2 via cable+pc via wireless+laptop via wireless
several ways to connect it
1. a CAT5 crossover ethernet cable from the PS2 directly to the ethernet port in the PC. This means you either need 2 eithernet ports, an ethernet card installed to give you an extra port. or you have to take out the internet cable for the PC every time you want to play online, not a big deal since you will not be uainf both at the same time.

2. connnet it with the eithernet cable from the PS2 into your router if it has any open ports on it. this is a much better solution then #1 is.

3. set up a wireless network. I can't really explain this without you explaining that whole mess of a connection you mentioned above
"internet --> access point ((( wireless ))) laptop --> router --> ps2 ((( wireless ))) other pc "

mine connection is wireless. I have a wireless router, and a wireless gaming adapter (would act the same as a wireless access point).

So if you have a wireless router on your PC, and are using the wireless access point to plug into your PS2 ethernet port to make a connection between the access point and router the the possible connection problems i listed above could be what is stopping it from connecting.

where the laptop comes into play in all this is beyond me because it really should have no part in your set up.

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is there any way you can hook your ps2 to your pc and play games ripped by alchohol to your pc hdd on your ps2 or is there any way i can download and burn a boot disc to play copied games without a modchip thanks
There was a thread about this, And to MIDNITE i think you can use programs like uLaunchElf to run things via lan cable, not sure if this will work but i'm sure that it can access things through the network. The only boot disc that you can use is swap magic but you still need to buy the other parts to swap discs

Originally posted by steimy:
networking is a funny thing. many things can stop you from connecting.
Yes even games can disconnect you.

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