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How do I hook up my receiver to my tv,dvd player, and xbox 360?

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Hi, I was woundering how I hook up my Onkyo receiver to my Toshiba DLP tv, Sony dvd player, and my Xbox 360. I have posted a link to my setup and the rear of the receiver, dvd player, and cable box. I just want everything to work with the sourround sound (cable,dvd player,xbox 360). I just don't know where the cords go.
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First off hook a RCA cable (Yellow, Red, White) to the DVD Player. It is all color coded. The Video (Yellow) goes to the port that says "Line Out Video" The Audio (Red and White) go to the ports marked "Line Out R-Audio-L" On te receiver the same RCA cable goes to the portst under where it says DVD In. Match color to color again.
Pay no attention to the ports that say: SURR, CENTER, SUB WOOF; under the DVD In section.

From whatever you have in the middle of your pic (probably a sate. receiver) use either a coaxl cable from the "Out TV/VCR" or another RCA cable. Same thing plug the RCA cables to the Video and Audio out and the plug the same RCA cable into the video and Audio In's on the receiver under the spot marked "Video 1"

Plug your Xbox 360s video and audio into the receiver where it says "Video 2 In"

Next plug yet another RCA cable into the "Video 1" Out on your receiver and plug them into the yellow, red and white RCA ports on your TV.

Lastly hook your speakers up in the top right corner of your receiver.

i'm trying to set up the hole blue, green, purple setup also. I have he HD stuff to but don't understand what the other colors are. I have a hole monster cable setup with the colors. Just what goes into what
(IN and Outputs)? EX: DVD out to the receiver input where it says dvd in and match the colors. But where does my xbox and tv plugs go since I used the other colors up already?
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Those other colors are for component cables, They are pretty vheap 15-20 bucks. They are a substitute for the red / white / and yellow cables. If you had a HD box defenetly look at getting an HDMI cable 30-40 bucks
I do have all the cords but not sure where they go including the HD ones.
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