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I found this on xbox scene, and it works :D

Running Programs and Web Browsing From Xbox 360
by The Watcher (Silent.Watcher at

Through its Media Center Extender fucntionality, the Xbox 360 acts as dumb terminal to your Windows Media Center 2005 PC.

Aside from streaming video, it can also run additional programs and plugins, found in the "More Programs" heading on the Media Center main menu. Note that none of these programs are running directly on the Xbox- they are all running in some form on your PC. However, we can exploit this feature to run additional software(like web browsing) on the Xbox 360. Currently, there is no way to have mouse support using the 360 controller or media remote- however, the controller can be used as a keyboard.

To add an entry to the "More Programs" listing that will show up in Media Center on your Xbox:

1. Go to the directory C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Media Center\Media Center Programs
2. Create a new text file with the name of the program you want to run(For example Browser.txt)
3. Put the following line in your file:

<application url="url_here" name="name_here" />

If you want to do web browsing on your Xbox 360, you can simply enter a URL. To open a program, enter its exact path. For example:

<application url="" name="Google" />

4. Change your file's extension from .txt to .mcl .

In Media Center on your 360, go to More Programs and select the file you just made.

Enjoy web browsing on your 360! Or try to see what other programs from your PC it will run. - Originally Posted By SilentWatcher

Heres a bit more detailed with pics.

Open my computer. Double click your documents.

Delete the higlighted text.

Open the following highlighted folders.

Create a text document.

Insert the next shown. Where it shows "" you can replace it with the website you want.

Name it something with the .mcl extention, also check off all files

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That is so cool. Email on my 360!

If this does actually work it'll be cool.

Big Thanks To Jamaal10!
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can any1 confirm this working? maybe with pictures of your 360 running a browser or another program? also a thought would it be possible to run computer games through this process and achieve better graphics/gameplay with the 360 powering it if you have, say, and inferior computer? just throwing it out there
Pictures from scooby_dooby

EDIT: Found a better tool:
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Free Porn lol

Thats pretty neat, Too bad my Xbox broke.

Big Thanks To Jamaal10!
Can this be done with Xp home or Pro editions? I haven't got Media Center running on my main pc (Just haven't done it yet, and hate to rebuild it for so little reason) but I would love to run this with my current pc build. It'd be great to get 'net access on my 360.

Can this same trick be used for any small applications?

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Damn I wish i had a Media Center...

I assume that this will not work with Windows XP?
If you would have clicked on the link your will have noticed that it said

"this software is only compadible with Windows Media Cener PCs"

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