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"cannot play disc due to area restrictions"

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burned this movie from a single layer .bin file, wont play on my dvd player due to the "cannot play disc due to area restrictions" area message (it is a brand new dvd player)

the dvd plays fine on the PC using powerDVD, though noticed that the audio will not play using Windows Media Player.

I tried using Nero Recode and reburning the DVD, but with the same results with my DVD player.

is there a program i can use to extract the raw video without quality loss, then reburn with a program like Nero vision?

thanks for your help!
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Could be the format of the film. PAL is Europe and NTSC is USA.

Make sure it is compatible with your player/TV.
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it plays fine in my xbox 360, tho
That's not relevant, we're not talking about your Xbox drive. They are Region Free, I think, so that would explain it...

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I just converted rmvb or rmbv into AVI & burned it into my disc thn after tht when I played it in my DVD (which is compatible for DVD-RW & few others),it showed in the screen cannot play disc.May I know why is it like tht?
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