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Windows Media player 11 problem (codec)

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Recently i have gotton no sound on some .avi files. this is a first as everything use to play perfectly and still does but these new .avi files i get no sound of WMP tells me this
"The codec you are missing is not available for download from this site. You might be able to find it on another site by searching the Web for "55" (this is the WaveFormat or FourCC identifier of the codec). "
the video plays fine its just the audio i have installed |3codecx but still doesn't help
can anyone help me or know the problem? thanks
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Go to Start > Run > type regsvr32.exe l3codeca.acm > click OK.
Then, try playing one of the files again.

If that doesn't help go to C:\Windows\System32\l3codeca.acm and rename l3codeca.acm to l3codeca.bak
Then, open WMP and go to Help > Check for Updates. This will download and replace the codec.
Next, go to Start > Run > type regsvr32.exe l3codeca.acm > click OK. Just to be sure the codec will be registered with Windows.
Try playing one of the files again.

If that fails let me know, and make sure you have your Windows Disc.
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Alright when i check for updates on wmp it just says "your computer is running the most recent version of windows media player and all of its components.No update is available at this time."
so it didnt download and replace the codec.
and as for windows discs i only have a recovery disc for my computer is this what you want ?if not i don't have what you're looking for

should a put the name back to .acm?
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