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no sound playing anydvd

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everything was fine and then my trial of AnyDVD expired so i purchased it and now when i play dvds there is no sound even in cineplayer which always worked even before i had AnyDVD now cineplayer has a poor poicture and the dvd plays in windows media perfectly but no sound
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are you sure you didn't mute your speakers?
absolutely positive i am listening to music right now it is only when i am playing a dvd in media player or cine player that i have no sound and if i don't use AnyDVD then i can't even play the movie which wasn't a problem before i don't know what it could be
This is going to sound smart-assed, but I don't intend it that way at all. I've actually (drunk) done the same thing I'm going to suggest you check--make sure you didn't un-check all the soundtracks on your "Shrink" program, whatever it is. I've only used DVD Shrink and Nero Recode, but on both, you can uncheck all the soundtracks and you'll end up with a DVD without sound. And with Nero Recode, if you uncheck them once, the next time you try to re-code, the settings will stay the same unless you re-do them.
well i think it is somethinf screwed because all i did was buy AnyDVD i haven't even attempted to shrink or burn or anything all i am doing is putting in the dvd and trying to watch it and no sound no matter what and for some screwed up reason i can't watch the dvds anymore without AnyDVD
AnyDVD didn't do anything wrong with your computer, your rip or anything but what it's supposed to do. But, have you checked to see if the sound track is DTS? some programs and players won't play DTS unless they have a DTS decoder in the programs (codecs)and player. so if you just recorded DTS then it won't play the audio on the computer or the player! So please check that out. But I sincerely doubt that AnyDVD is the culpret.

Another thing is to check the program and make sure that the media types are checked to play all!

make sure that the correct file types are ticked off with your playing software so that everything that you want to work with the program will work! check it out. just another thing that might help out. good luck.
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