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Can the American Wii play Japanese Games?

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I found this website:

and it has Japanese games for the Wii, and I was wondering if they would work on an American Wii. If you look at this page above the price it says NTSC|JP. Just want to know if that means that it will play on an NTSC system.


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the wii is region locked. you can only play games from the same region you bought you wii from.


it pretty much tells you there is won't work on any Wii outside of the asian market

Nintendo has specifically stated that the system is not region-locked. There is a difference on PAL and NTSC, which prevents them from playing eachother; but no official region locking, since a recent case Sony suffered in has scared developers a bit from region-locking.

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do you have any links with this information? at the moment there is a bit of a mixed bag of info on the topic. one official source states that it is Region Free, while another official sources states it's NOT region free.

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it is region locked

i have a japanese version of red steel and it wont boot sorry
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We need an iso a patch and soon that will be history :)
it is resion locked.
p.s wasnt nintendo who introduced region locking in the 80's for games and now they want it to be free thats funny!!!


Nintendo originally stated it, but less than a few hours later retracted it, as being bad intel. The Wii -IS- region-locked.
Thanks you guys for all of the info. I just read on Gizmodo, that it is Region Locked. Thanks anyway for all of the info...

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the only thing i find funny about this is that not only does the wii have to be hacked to fix region lockouts but what is even worse is the files that you download are tied to your wii console so if you console dies then you cannot copy super mario 64 and other titles to your other machine sucks huh
Actually, you can. Just send it in to Nintendo when you buy a new one and they'll copy it over.
Anyone care to explain what the differences would be for the wiimote and classic controller as they both are listed at Playasia and state for Japanese systems only. The Wiimote I could possibly see being different as the TV visuals could affect it but the CC?

Classic controller is for VC games only, does not work with standard Wii games. And the Wiimote can be used with some VC games, but not all of them.

Although there has been some rumor that Super Smash Bros Brawl *MIGHT* use it, since the developers have recently stated that they feel the wiimote has no real use for the game, and might not be the best fit. But that's all purely speculation, based on some statements from a developer who loved beating around the bush, it seems there was still a lot of uncertainty.

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I know the CC is for Virtual Console games as well as GC games but at Playasia they have them in stock but it says only for the Japanese Wii, so what would the difference be in the CC for Japanese compared to a CC for North America? I can't think of anything that should be different unless the Wiimote has a different connection for the Nunchuck and CC.

It's probably more that they haven't actually *tested* them, and don't want to deal with the risk of returns; so it's a good bet that they probably *do* work.

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I agree with handsom. I do think that there wouldn't be a problem with a Japanese Classic Controller working with an American Wii. I really wouldn't understand how Nintendo would put Region Locks on Controllers, but I guess since it's Nintendo they could figure it out. But I think that you would be fine doing that.

Hi all. I would like to know, the same theory, Japanese Wii Console cannot play American Wii games, is it right?
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Correct. Region-locking works both ways.
Thanks, Silver95.
There is a way to get around region locking. If you want to get a system from Japan, you just order it from Gamestop online, along with all the extra goodies they force you to buy in the package. While entering your information, make sure to let them know that you want it shipped to a different address than the billing. Contact your credit card company, and tell them that the huge charge for an item being sent oversees is perfectly fine, so they don't decline it out of suspicion. When it comes time to enter your address, you just put in a PO Box number that I will get, which forwards all mail back to me stateside. Once I receive it from Japan, I, acting as the importing agent, can promise you that I might send it to you, when I'm good and ready... Probably.

Once you(Hopefully) receive that system that came from Japan, you'll find it playing American games just fine.

Now, this trick works just fine from Japan, trying to get a system from America to play Japanese games too. Again, I will gladly supply an address you can ship it too, and I will probably think about sending it back to you, maybe.

Does everyone find this tutorial to be helpful? :D

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Incredibly helpful:) I would even volunteer the little spare time I have, to help with the "inspection" of said goods :)

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