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how can I burn more than 20 songs to CDR

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I want to know what software(free if possible) will allow me to burn more than 20 songs to one CDR disc and that I'm able to play in any cd player(car,computer, or stereo). I tried burning by selecting the 'datacd' option, it works but I can't play the cd in anything but the computer. What is another option or software that can be used to accomplish this?
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There really isn't another option that I know of. When you make an "Audio CD"(one that can be played on any CD Player), it goes by the amount of minutes that the songs add up to. So if each song is 4 mins. long, you get 20 songs on a 80min./700Mb CD. When you make a "Data CD", it goes by the amount of Mb's the files add up to. this would be used for players that can read mp3, wma, etc.. files. It also is a good way to preserve your original files in case you have a Harddrive failure or something of that nature.
audio CDs can hold up to 99 tracks of audio, so it really depends on how long your songs are. They do make 90 min/800MB CDRs though, if you are looking for more storage space. You can get them at

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For the best quality mp3s use EAC (exact audio copy) to rip your audio CDs and LAME to encode them. Follow this guide:
if your cd players can play mp3, you can make an mp3 cd, it should be able to hold way more thatn 20 songs.

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