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Emule downloads made faster - Explained

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OK..OK..OK everyone..I've read the tutorials, scowered the web...did some self testing etc..blah blah...Thought I might share my emule knowledge with you to make your downloads faster. Step by Step!

1 > OK first of all..close slows everything down. Kazaa works fine for me with movies, music vids and mp3's but not for apps and games.

2 > I installed a fresh copy of emule 0.29b
and updated the server list by going here: Click the one with "All Servers". It should at it automatically to emule.

3 > Now for the preferences:
(I've got a ASDL 576/288 line) so work yours out accordingly)
3.1> First click preferences and then connection. Settings as follows:

Capacities Download = (Your download stream/8)
Capacities Upload = (Your upload stream/8)
Limits Download = 0
Limits Upload = (Your upload stream/8)*0.8 round this off to the nearest digit.(No fractions)
Clientport UDP = Enabled
Max sources per limit (Hard Limit) = 500
Connection Limits (Max Conn's) = 600

OK that sets the upload/download speeds.

4 > Now share your files. Files that should be shared are files like movies,games and music vids. Small files just slows everything down..including your PC..(Because of hashing every small mp3 file)

5> OK now we can connect to a server. Choose one with a lot of users. Do this by sorting the server list with <users>. This allows alot of sources and files to be available. After you have selected a good server click connect and view the log sheet. It will show you connecting and after a few secs it will display a ID. If the ID is below 16 million then you must check your firewall software to determine whether your emule port(4662) is blocked. The higher the ID the better the connection to the server.

6 > Now you can search and download!

Tips: (Important to make D/Ls faster!!)

1 > In the beginning emule will be slow as it needs to find sources for your file that you requested. Just wait a while it will eventually pick up! :)
2 > After a few hours check your shared files by click on the Shared Files button at the top of the screen. Sort the list by clicking on the Requests Column. Click on some of the files that have uploaded from you and you will see how much have been uploaded allready (in MB's). If the uploaded is 20 or higher then you should Release the file. Do this by Right-Clicking on the file, clicking priority and clicking release. This also speeds up your d/ls as your client rating goes up!

Remember to check your Firewall software...and share as many files as you can (Big ones)!! Also emule gets going after a while so please be patient..This is not Kazaa...but you get verified, complete files!!

Well I hope this helps because my d/ls is great now!! Happy downloading and SHARING!!
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nice tips :-), i need to update the tutorial to 0.29b and finish it completely, I just keep forgetting!
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Thanks Dela!! Fricken hell, I've had countless nights trying to figure emule out...but now I'm d/ling at 30k/s! Knowledge must be shared!

I download at 80 - 120 :-)
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OKKKAAAYYY then!! :) What line have u got..I have ASDL KAzaa the most i get is 60k/s...One question...does it make a differnce if you disconnect and connect every so often. In connection with your CLient ID and essentialy youre d/l speed??

well, my connection is 1mb/256kb
does it make a differnce if you disconnect and connect every so often.
nah not really!

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i badly wish i had your download speed dela, i got the line just cant get the speed on emule.
whats your settings?
and also does it help if your share a lot of big files?
My settings are emule assigned, i used the emule wizard to set it up! Its better to share a lot of big files than settle for small files like mp3 because they will never be downloaded, they might get the queue every now and again but the fact is that the donkey network is just not for mp3!
Can someone please explain to me what this means?

Capacities Download = (Your download stream/8)
Capacities Upload = (Your upload stream/8)

I see capacities download/upload in the prefereces<connections section, but I don't understand what my upload/download steam IS? And does this mean divide it by 8?

Can someone help me out here--maybe use an example as well? Thanks.
hmm how could i explain it, ok, lets say u have 512/128 connection, now when you are downloading a file from the net, at even direct connection u wont go over about 90-100kb/s so that is the capacity!
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I download at 80 - 120 :-)
does it make a differnce if you disconnect and connect every so often
nah not really
so youre saying from the minute you connect you get 80kbs? is that 80 between like 6 files or 80 apiece?

also i thought emule needs time to reach a certain que level so connecting and disconnecting would disrupt speeds?
But Dela...can you help me understand what I need to set it all to regarding the upload/download capacities?

That's what I'm having trouble understanding. I know it's probably based on maybe my connection speed--I have DSL--but I still don't literally understand what I should be writing in the capacity space area.

The eMule connection wizard will set it up for you!

ABMone, when u disconnect from a server u are still queued on your sources! and it can be 80-120 on one file!

How long does it take for files to start downloading faster after it's been set up?

And do you know of a way to check EXACTLY how on my computer which connection I have? For example, I know I have DSL, but they list a lot of different DSL connections in the wizard, so I'm not entirely sure which to pick.

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Pac go here to test

Dela is there something wrong with my computer or something i just ran the test it says my connect is 1772/177 and my download speed suck but i upload a grip, its always at 24kbs at any time

it takes about 2 hours of waiting on ques before i get about 10kbs on speed
Well I have been using eMule for a looong time and my upload are way more than my downloads, due to the credit system I get a very high download speed :-)
I myself am a new eMule user, a Kazaa convert even. At first, the setup was a little daunting, and for the first three or so days, I had horribly slow d/l speeds, which is attributable to having no credit in this so-called credit system. It has been said before, and I will now say it again, that by changing the priority in my shared files of those files I wanted to download more quickly to "release," I more easily attracted fellow users to download those particular files (at least, the parts that I had,) thereby moving up in their queue ranking to obtain the parts they had(since I had uploaded to them) and having as many as 15-20 sources for my downloads at a time. So, I now upload typically at around 25-60 Kbps, still not incredibly fast, but I will sacrifice the blazing speed of Kazaa for the reliability of eMule to deliver great files with no corruption.

Also, ABMone, are you sure those speeds you are quoting are not kilobits, as opposed to kilobytes, per second? Sounds like kilobits. Because the two are entirely different, make sure you know which you are using and that it corresponds to your selection in the connection wizard in eMule.
I see that emule .29 is being mentioned on these posts its best to upadate to .30a asap.

I have adsl 512k/25k.

I can exceed the download speeds of in exceess of 55k per sec with these settings:

Download [72]
Upload [16]


Download [0]
Upload [13]

Max Sources 5000
Max Connections 650.

BTW with these settings you may find you get low on disk space you will be downloading so fast as has happened to me ;)


Woah. I clicked release on the file I was downloading and my download speed increased heaps!

As you can see I was downloading at about 8kB/sec on my 128k/128k connection, then all of a sudden it jumped to 14kB/sec and has stayed at that rate. Woot! ;)

Thanks for the tips -awsome!


try that

Just as it helps to change the priority for release when you are downloading them, it is also very important to change them back to a different setting (i.e. auto) when you are done downloading - otherwise, no files will take precedence over the others. (No priority.) Happy I could help, but the real credit goes to Dela, and his post in his tutorial thread on this matter. I only hoped to help clarify what volumes have already been posted on this subject.
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are you sure those speeds you are quoting are not kilobits
i have my emule wizard set to kilobits

how does this help me?
Just wanted to a make sure you are using the same unit of measurement in the wizard as you clocked your speeds with, and that you are using the results from the test in the wizard so it can configure itself accurately.
DSL Receive Rate 7616000
DSL Transmit Rate 864000

this is my conecction but i need help
i dunno how to configure it into emule cuz is not in the wizarr..

help please.
can i use emule with 56k?

if so what settings do u suggest?
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