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Best Program to copy PS2 games

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What is the best program to copy PS2 games (for both DVDrom and CDrom-based)?

Reason why I am asking is that I bought a fliptop cover for my PS2 thinking I could play a backed up DVD copy of a PS2 game (using Nero Express), but I was unsucessful as it would just hang. Figured that I may have to use another app better than Nero Express.

Can anyone recommend the best app there to suit my needs?

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look at the first page on the page. it shows lots of programs to use. and the way to copy them. search next time!

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Real Magic 3.1
NEWLY UPDATED PS2 Reality 1.50 Guide:
i use Nero and it works flawless for me, but other good ones are primoDVD, alcohol120%.

go check out Oner's guide on the first thread of the page, its got everything u need with regards to programs.

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Don't use Nero Express...Use Nero Enterprise Edition
i use dvd dycrypter to back up and use Nero to burn full version not express you can download trial from havnt had a bad burn yet.

dvd decrypter is all you need to make copies of ps2 games......really simple.
Jay 33,

Where do I find a free download of DVD Decrypter? And does it work for both DvD And CDrom-based PS2 games?

at this homepage or by clicking that link in blue
-PrimoDVD for PS2 DVD games
-Blindwrite for PS2 CD games. I like it better than the others, its easy to use and if you do use it, choose the DAO PW write mode.

Never had a problem with either they both work awesome.

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where can i download primodvd and RecordNow Max??
Do a search online and pay for them at the home website of the makers.

I found that Nero 6 is best
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has ne one tried using dvd x copy xpress?
if so wut were the results
How are you guys using Nero to copy PS2 games, every time I've tried, I've gotten the "copyright" error and won't copy?
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How is Alcohol 120%. Is that good for cd-rom games. How easy is it. Is it easy as clonecd. Better?
some people have sucess with Alcohol 120%...i personally stick with Nero because it has yet to fail me.
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Thx djillini. Itz jus that i have Nero and clonecd. And i wanted to kno the best program to burn ps2 cd-rom games. Also my cd burner lowest speed only goes to 4x. If i get 2x blank discs can i burn at 2x? Since it won't be able to burn at 4x.
Can someone please tell me how to use Clonecd and Nero to backup my PS2 DVDs? Or if I even can with these?
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here ya go shacar

Using CloneCD (v4.x.xx) for PS1/PS2

1. Start CloneCD
2. Select "Copy CD"
3. Select your Reader, press Next
4. Select "Game CD", press Next
5. Select/Deselect your options here (on the fly, cue or delete) then press Next
6. Select your Writer, press Next
7. Select your burn speed and "Game CD"
8. Press "OK" to begin

use clonecd for CD based games
for dvd games use nero

Using Nero

1. Start Nero, Use the Wizard (for easy use)
2. Select "DVD" then select Next
3. Select "Copy a DVD" then select Next
4. Select your source drive
5. Select or Deselect "copy on the fly" then click next
6. Select your write speed
7. Select either "Test", "Test and Burn" or "Burn"
8. Press "Burn" to begin

This next way is without the Wizard

1. Start Nero, and select "File" then "New..."
2. On upper left side of the window from the drop down menu select "DVD"
3. Select "DVD Copy" Icon
4. Select "Copy options" tab
5. Select or Deselect "copy on the fly"
6. Select source drive and read speed
7. If needed Select "Image" tab to choose image directory and select/deselect "delete image..."
8. Select "Burn" tab and choose your settings
9. Press "Copy" to begin
paki, I tried what you said, but the wizard is not giving me the option to click DVD, it's grayed out! When I don't use the wizard, I don't have a DVD option. I'm using v5.5.10.35, what is yours? I even tried Nero 6, and it's the same way. Any suggestions?
Maybe you do not have a DVD-Writer or your drive is not supported. Mail the exact model no of your drive and mail it to Nero. Tell them your problem. They might be able to help you
have tried dvd x copy xpress no good. also tried instant copy only 50% copyed without error
DVD X Copy is really only good for copying movies, try one of the programs in this thread Also if you get a burn error it's usually due to a scratch on the game in which it can read the disc past a certain point. Try cleaning it with th cd doctor.
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PS2 cd/dvd burning guide:
How to use any Gameshark version (1-4) with your backups:
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I have a modchip in my ps2 and a dvd burner for my pc. I can copy any dvd based ps2 game with ease, but i am having difficulty trying to copy cd based games I have tried Nero, blindwrite suite, Alcohol 120% and CDRWIN, am I just doing something wrong or is there more to it than I know.

Any help would be great !!!!

email -
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If you are having problems with compact disc games with Nero try using veritas record now or cd mate. Both of them are good for cd games. I dont see why you are having a problem with Nero though it always works for me.
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