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M3 DS Simply Slot 1 Ready for Release!

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looks like the M3 team took a hint ;-)

M3 DS is now ready for release:

'M3 DS Simply' is shaping up for a release next week! It looks pretty similar to DS-Xtreme except it uses Micro SD's for storage but requires specific IO to rub homebrew. All in all, some good looking and healthy competition.
The same size as an original DS cart
~ Build in PassMe (No need for boot card or anything else to boot )
~ Using Micro SD card (Trans Flash) as external storage . Cheap & variety
usage .
~ Boot clean dump images
~ Super simple to use , drag and files over to the micro SD card .
- No drivers required
~ Standard FAT system support .
~ Support different speed of micro SD card even the low speed SD card .Run
games without any lag or slow down .
~ upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )
~ Touch Screen control & robust skinning support .
~ No need battery , back up the save file into the micro SD card directly
.Never lose your save .
~ Auto detect the save type & automatic generate saver file .
~ Homebrew support , IO lib will release on launch .
~ Direct watch movie , listen MP3 & read TXT on the DS via the use of
~ Support WiFi , DS rumble pack & DS browser .

I Hope it comes available in a black case too :-)


Quote: has made available the pre-order of the VERY soon to be released (few days) slot 1 loading solution for the DS created by the highly reputable M3 perfect team. Boasting just about every feature you could want in such a device such as no patching, upgradable firmware and support for MICRO SD cards it really should be up there on your Xmas shopping list. We advise you to get your pre-orders in now as demand will be exceedingly high, get your hands on this great Kit for only $44.95!


$44.95 isn't bad, and don't forget that divineo is not usually the cheapest around so hopefully others will knock $10 or so off.
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Sweet!! Ill be getting one :)

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Same, going to sell one of my PSP's to pay for it :-)

Do you think that this has the same compatibility as the M3 Lite in terms of NDS games? If the only thing I give up is GBA, I'll buy this. However, I'm afraid it is like the M3 Pro where you lose GBA function and some NDS compatibility.
There should be no games that will not work with the M3 DS as they do not need patching to work. If anything the M3 DS will have better compatibility with NDS games than any previous M3.

Listed 2 of my PSP's on eBay - should get me some money to buy a few of these new Slot-1 devices :-)

Sweet.. That one looks nice. Keep us posted on how it works. I am waiting till after New Year to buy one or another. Been keeping an eye on your posts while I make up my mind on what to get. My grandson's ds and wii is under the tree anyway.

Originally posted by mr_hanky:
Listed 2 of my PSP's on eBay - should get me some money to buy a few of these new Slot-1 devices :-)
Especially since its Christmas season :P

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Are there any advantages for the M3 Perfect Lite besides GBA compatibility? Does the 32MB it has have any advantage over the M3 DS Slot 1 because I read that either small/large DS Roms need some of the 32MB or something. Also, can you play music, videos, and homebrew with the M3 DS Slot 1 with something like Moonshell?
The M3 Lite will most likly have better homebrew support for a while before developers start updating their code.

I'm 99% sure Moonshell will be working with it wihin a week of it's release.

The 32MB of RAM was mainly used for GBA support, but did help some NDS games, the lack of it in the M3DS won't effect the few games that needed it as they no longer need to be patched.

Okay, thanks for clearing it up so quickly.
me hankey , do u kno any thing about the M3 DS Real??? and when it says, not pda functions what does it means??, And Also i couln't find the preorder on diveno, so can you shed a lil lite to me?

As for the M3 DS Real, it is most likly going to have more features than the Simply model, but the M3 team have not disclosed any information on it yet.

The 'no PDA' bit just informs you that it dsn't yet come with the PDA application (whch the english version of the old M3's didn't have anyway, so no loss)

ok so the 44 bucks for the real price or it only for the reserved type of thing. cause if it ony cost 44 bucks for the M3 simply it would be a great deal.
$44.95 + Postage is the cost of the M3.

Hi all, I am I right in thinking that all I need to play my backed up games is one of these cards and nothing else, as simple as that, no flashing or software. I'm new to ds homebrew etc just spent last couple of weeks working on my daughters PSP now thats up and running with 3.1 I want to try and do the same with my other daughters DS
You will need an M3, a MicroSD and if you don't have one a Card Reader.

No flashing required, no software required.

As soon as I get a reply from the M3 that I returned, I'll be hoping to get one.

so basiclly the new m3 simply is the same as a m3 pro, it doesnt play gba or support nes or snes roms either huh? i wonder can u dl something for it to play it later on???
NES and SNES can be played using homebrew emulators in NDS mode, note that SNES support is very minimal at the moment with more games not working that those that are.

Just pre-ordered one of these babies from Divineo. Good thing I waited a day. I was just about to order the M3 Lite Perfect with Passcard 3 yesterday.
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ok im extremely new to this but it seems im not using my ds to its full potential
if i bought this i would need to buy what else? i no this was already posted but im not understanding
is nes emulation perfect?

So I buy this can someone tell me EXACTLY what else I need?

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other than the M3 DS Simply, you need a micro SD card - thats all.

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Originally posted by pakixd:
other than the M3 DS Simply, you need a micro SD card - thats all.

I dont need a card holder?

So I buy this M3 DS Simply, and a micro SD card that is all I need. Can you send a link to micro SD card.

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