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ISO vs VIDEO_TS files

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Can anyone tell me the difference between a ISO file and a Video_TS file and also which of these files is better to burn to a a blank DVD media ?
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Both are the same, it's like a preference. However, if you're into editing your backups, then your best bet would be VIDEO_TS.

I don't know about others, but I'm leaning more toward VIDEO_TS.

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I agree with you, Alkohol.... I use both ISO and Video_TS folder, one is an image of the whole dvd and the other is the DVD files themselves. Both are the same but with the Video_TS folder that holds all the DVD structure files you have more flexibility to do what you want with it. Most programs use the Video_TS folder to manipulate the DVD structure, like take out unwanted things such as trailors, director comments, warning screens and such.... you determine what you want..... but an ISO is finished.... it's a copy of the DVD itself ready for burning! Just use a burning program, and the right media, and your done.
The main difference between ISO and Video_TS as far as burning goes is that ISO can produce a DVD-player-compatible disc (assuming the disc is was ripped from was). When burning video_TS, however, you must use burning software that supports Video-DVD. Certain files have to be in certain places on a Video-DVD disc. Again, usually, that's not a problem with ISO if it was ripped from a Video-DVD compliant disc. But that's not the case with Video_TS; simply burning the folder and files onto a DVD is not enough. That's why you need programs like Nero Burning Rom and need to select the DVD-Video compilation type.

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-Since half the questions here involve media problems, here ya go: Only use Verbatim or Taiyo-Yuden discs (get your TYs from, not Supermediastore or meritline). Forget the rest, no matter what "brand" they sell under. Always burn at 4x speed regardless of the speed rating of this discs or your drive. If you have burn problems with these then you have to update your drive's firmware. For double-layer discs, only use Verbatim DVD+R DL and burn them at 2.4x speed.

Now that ImgBurn (from LUK, the author behind DVD Decrypter & ImgBurn) support VIDEO_TS directly, I'm 90% on VIDEO_TS and 10% with ISO (especially PS2 games and when I made guides for newbies only).

Nero Burning Rom
Nero Express

And I'm sure there's other tools out there that will burn VIDEO_TS flawlessly. However, the choice is yours.

Best of luck!!

WARNING: Do not "update/upgrade" your SAMSUNG BD-D5XXX series (Bluray Player), or else you cant enjoy any of your movie files.
How 2 downgrade Samsung BD-D5XXX Series Bluray player
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