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Attack force: different voices of Steven Segal

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Sorry if this is in the wrong foruum. But i don't think its my burning software, has anyone noticed in the last few Segal flicks his voice changes in certain scenes, very evident in attack force. In some scenes its definatley someone elses voice. Has me & the wife scratching our heads. attack force is not the only segal film this has happened. Anyone know why they are dubbing his voice in certain scenes, or is it my audio back-ups. again i apologize to the moderators if i put this topic in the wrong spot.
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no problem. i personally avoid most of Steven Seagal's movies but i suppose others must like them :)

But in all seriousness (and whilst i don't have experience of ALL dvd rippers/encoders/whatever they're called) as far as i'm aware DVD audio tracks are transferred 'as-is' regardless of which program is used..
(as long as we are talking about backing up from real dvd's (as opposed to AVI or other downloaded formats)... in answer to your question this may be down to dubbing of his voice (quite why i don't know but as i say i avoid most of his movies)
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even though you avoid his movies. i'd like to request you force yourself to watch this one. There was also a couple other of his moivies where this strangness has happened. Its driving my wife & i crazy. Wonder if has some kind of throat desease or something where they must use someone elses voice from time to time. Is it just us or has anyone else noticed this. Very noticable. they don't even seem to use a dubbed voice close to his. Strange very strange indeed.
Sony has to be deperate for money to put garbage like this on a disk.
I don't know what has happened to Segal but his last 2 or 3 movies have really sucked.

hi according to the unoffical web site for steven seagal the reason his voice was changed, because during the period between making the movie and release the plot was changed, and it was cheaper to dubb than re record the sound track
Dang, talk about cheeep! Thanks for clearing that up. I'm really starting to lose respect for segal films. use to like him alot.
For real I use to watch Segal flicks back in the 90s and they were kick azz. Now his pictures appear to really went down hill. I wouldn't even rank some of his new pics as a good B movie.

i suspect, independent of the claims on seagal's website, that making films in eastern europe on an extremely low budget results in various technical problems, not the least of which might be poor sound recording. in the scenes with the dubbed voice it certainly appears, via amateur lip-reading, that seagal was speaking the lines that were overdubbed by another person, apparently doing a very very poor imitation of seagal's voice. yeah, maybe "they" changed the plot, and maybe it wasn't in seagal's contract to do "looping"... putting in dialogue that wasn't recorded properly or at all. maybe he wanted too much money to do it, so the producers decided that the lead character speaking in two completely different voices, sometimes alternating lines and voices, would be irrelevant to the viewers of such a low budget, mindless plot, poorly acted film. just a guess. not that there's anything wrong with it...
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