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Convert eboot/keys to iso?

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I know that the game is originally for the playstation 1 (marvel vs street fighter). I have the eboot.pbp and keys.bin. Is there a way i can put this back into .iso or some format that i can burn to dvd/cd to play on my ps2?
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never heard of those files really.
A CD game, which most PS1 games will be, should be in the form of a Bin & Cue file. Which you would just burn to a CD

Those files are psp files(eboot/bin). It was converted from psx iso. Is there a way to go backwards here?
PSX2PSP can actually do this in reverse.

Once you download it, you can select the PBP file in the top right corner, then hit Extract ISO. I tested this on a couple of games and it worked fine. Results may vary ^^
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