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hey i started much to my dismay the long hard journey of transfering my old vhs home movies onto dvd.
using my wintv card i connected my pc to the vhs and recorded on successfully. when i played my pc version of my movies i noticed the lips were out of sync with the speach. i have Nero 6 full suite and adobe premiere version 7.0. is there anything on these softwares that i own that ca put the syncronization onto these movies???
or if the software i own doesnt suport doing that is there any warez that i could acquire of a quick kludge some1 could help me program as i am a new person to the programming world.

thanking in advance michael

Access is god!
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The best capture cards for avoiding this are ones that have audio and video capability on the capture card. This makes it possible for the capture card to lock audio and video so that dropped frames don't cause audio issues. Something you can try to fix the audio sync issues is VirtualDub. Under video menu choose frame rate. Choose the 3rd radio button which is "Change so video and audio durations match".
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