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Wii Component Cable not Working...?

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To those here got the component cable for their Wii...did you have any issues setting it up?

I got mine in the other day and decided to get a switchbox that also supports component so I could easily switch between the DVD player, Wii, and PS2. The rest of my composite systems use a separate switchbox.

Well, I hooked it all up tonight and everything works fine except that the colors on the Wii are wrong. I checked all the connections several times and everything is fine. The DVD worked fine through the switchbox, so I tried using those ports for the Wii...didn't help. So it's gotta be an issue with the Wii or the Wii cable.

I had a similar problem when I first hooked my DVD player up through component. Turned out I had to change a setting in the actual player menu. That fixed it right up. So I looked in the Wii settings, but didn't find anything that made any difference.

I suppose it could be a defective cable, but I really hope not. Basically, it looks like one color is "missing" (when hooked up right, everything has a green/magenta tone to it). I tried changing them around and all that, but nothing seems to help. The only thing we found through Google was that one guy had the same issue and just twisted the cables around until it worked. Well, that didn't do it for me :p

Any ideas?

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tabletpc Suspended account
so are you using a hd tv that supports 480p there are several tv sets that are HDTV but do not support 480p but it only affects a few sets from sony nothing else so my question is the

1.did you connect the green red blue cable correctly to the tv

2. did you try it without the set top box some boxes cannot handle the component signal the wii uses i had to connect mine directly to the tv

3.did you change the system settings to hd

4.what type of tv do you have
I had a feeling you'd say that. The only thing I didn't try was plugging it directly into the TV since I switched it with the DVD player since it was working through the box.

Guess I'll have to pull out the TV again and see.

Is there some reason why some boxes can't handle the Wii's signals?

1. Yes, I checked several times to make sure it was all hooked up right.

2. As mentioned, it was the one thing we didn't try. I did think about it, just didn't do it. Really wish I had now since it's difficult to get that thing out and then back in by myself.

3. The only setting I could find to change (I assume you mean in the Wii) was the TV Resolution. When set to 480i, this is what happens. If I set it to 480p, the screen goes "double" (sort of like split screen) but the color issue remains.

4. TV is a Samsung TX-R2735 (27" flat tube)

EDIT: Also, here's a snapshot of the screen as is. I'll try direct to tv when I get someone to help me pull the TV out. Someone told me that they could duplicate this when they unplugged the Blue cable. Well, while that was my initial thought, too, if I pull out the blue one, it loses the magenta/purple color and is replaced by red.

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tabletpc Suspended account
weird almost sounds like a bad cable then i hope you saved the receipt because it sounds like the blue connector on the wii cable isn't working

if you are looking for a nice cheap component cable i would recommend madcatz they have a nice heavy duty component cable for the wii
What makes it worse is that was ordered online, so a return could be more trouble than it's worth (although Ninty is good about stuff like that).

I still need to pull out the TV first just to make 100% sure.

FINALLY got around to plugging it in directly to the go. Same problem. Guess I can say it's a bad cable...I HOPE. I don't want it to be the system! Either way, I suppose it's time to contact Nintendo :p

Thanks for the help.

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Yeah. All those are available in the wii Shop Channel. For the curious, here's the list from top left down:

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then on the second page is Alien Crush (TGx16), Gunstar Heroes (Gen), and Gradius (NES) which was bought after that pic was taken

I'm really waiting on more 64 titles. I really want to get Mario Kart 64 on there :)

Blah. Got the replacement cable in today.

Same problem :(

Guess it's either the Wii or the TV (?)

Has anyone else run into this problem yet? I really need to find someone else with a TV with component input so I can test it there.

Its likely that the Tv Jacks are stuffed,as I read about your TV and it supports 480p and 1080i,so you shouldnt be having trouble are you plugging the Wii into the same Component jacks that the DVD player was plugged into or another set of jacks?.
Finnaly if you know someone that ahs a tv which does 480p go there with the Wii and try it but I doubt its the Wii?
If it works on someone else's set but not yours but yours works fine if you set it to 480i leave the components and set to 480i even though tis i it will give you a much clearer pic if you run 480i via components.
But first try the first 2.
tabletpc how cabn you say some HD tv's dont support 480p WTF 480p is before 1080i and its older all Tv's that support 1080i do 480p and a TV that doesnt do 480p isnt a HDTV its an EDTV, A tv must support 1080i at least to be called a True HDTV but 1080i sucks 1080p is the True HD.

Yeah, I think I may have thought of a friend with an HDTV, but I'll have to call and ask him.

But are you sure you read about my specific TV? I'm pretty sure it only supports 480i - at least according to the manual and the jacks on the back. My TV isn't technically HD to begin with, but has the one set of component inputs (which I thought was odd to begin with).

Here's the page for it at

That says "DVD Component Input." WTF is the difference between that and just "component input"? I mean, is it possible the inputs are customized for DVD players only?

Oh, and there is only one set of component jacks on the TV, so yes, I am using the same ones as the DVD. As mentioned, I'm using a switchbox, but I also tried plugging them directly into the TV.

Your TV only Does 480i Which means you cannot run the wii on 480p/EDTV setting,Go into settings leave it on 480i you wont get the besyt quality but you will get the best you can on your Tv to get 480p you need a Tv Ussualy a LCD and PLASMA now days all that support 480p ussualy support all up to 1080i and even 1080p.

lol if you try this it might help you out...try switching the red cables. I bet you have the red audio cable mixed up with the red component cable. only does everything(that Sony allows it to)
yeah, that's how I have set up.

No. I'm not stupid, lol :P

I even tried swapping the reds at one point in case Nintendo effed up and put the wrong one in the wrong place, but no, that's not the issue.

I know some people are dumb like that. I assure you, I am not.
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lol i was one of those dumb people... only does everything(that Sony allows it to)
I ordered mine from a guy in China on ebay and it works perfectly in 480p. Not much difference though really. Wish I could go up to 1080i. bummer
Hi Mattroid,

got the same screen within 480p but the colors and picture is fine within 480i.

Component Cable is the original from Nintendo.

LCD TV is an: Loewe Individual 40

no switchboxes and the tv can do 480p.

I havn't tried another HD-TV, but i also hope it's not my tv. :-(

Kind regards,
Good luck with yours.

I visited some family over the weekend who had a TV with component input but I didn't know it. I took the wii down there, but not the component cable :(

Really wish I'd known since I don't know anyone else in town with component input at all.

Ok, i have checked the 480i / 480p behaviour on a second HD-TV and EDTV

There was no Problem on the 38" Samsung LCD TV. Seems to be a Problem of my TV: Loewe Individual 40" HD-TV.

But It doesn't matter because i checked Red Steel and Zelda and i would say my TV's 480i picture is better than the 480p on the Samsung *G*
When accessing the menu on my Wii, I am prompted to select either 480i or 480p for video output. However, I cannot even select 480p.

I have it hooked up via component cable.

Any suggestions?
is your tv a hdtv you should have a selection on your tv for component on mine its cvi if your wii is hooked up through that hook up it should work also make sure you are connected to red green blue hook ups on the back of the tv or it wont work should look like this this (copy paste link) where the component cable goes if you already know sorry tried to help

Proud Wii owner and a Softmodded PS2.
Originally posted by lovecars:
is your tv a hdtv you should have a selection on your tv for component on mine its cvi if your wii is hooked up through that hook up it should work also make sure you are connected to red green blue hook ups on the back of the tv or it wont work should look like this this (copy paste link) where the component cable goes if you already know sorry tried to help

I have a Sony KDS XBR160 LCoS HDTV. It has 2 or 3 component jacks on the back. I will look to see, maybe I forgot to actually run it to a component input.

I wonder if I would even get a noticably better picture with 480p given the type of graphics the wii has.
it actually looks good my gamecube games look great i hope you can get it to work let me know

Proud Wii owner and a Softmodded PS2.
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