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I need some serious help.
When I play a burned movie, the production will sputter,and stop playing. If I stop the player and start it again it will continue for a time then sputter and stop. Starting player will again play for a while. At other times it will not continue even with the stopping process.
I am using DVD Decrypter, with DVD Shrink & AnyDVD, with disks being TDK DVD+8X.Using Dell Laptop to burn & Windows XP Pro.
DVD Shrink is V 3.2 with DVD Decrypter being upgraded AnyDVD is ver
Can anyone help and tell what is going on with my problem..Thanks
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Before I forget, AnyDVD is up to version

Things to keep in mind for good quality burns:

- Use good quality media like Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden and Made in Japan labeled media, especially that from Sony and Fuji.

- Don't burn at max speed. A good rule of thumb is to burn at half or less the rated speed of the media if you're burner supports that speed.

- keep the burner firmware up to date. Firmware updates are available at the vendor's support site as well as in databases like the one linked below:

- Don't multitask during burning. Close all unnecessary applications before burning

The TDK media you're using may or may not be very good in quality. TDK makes its own media as well as rebrands others. Some of the rebranded stuff isn't very good at all.

Are you playing back on the computer or in a standalone player?
I appreciate your input. I have been reading about "Booktyping" the burner so I will check my settings. I also think I will start using Verbatim disks.
I view the burnt movie on my Sony duel DVD/VHS player at home.
At one point in my life when I started burning movies I had no trouble but can't remember what Mfg of disks I was using, but at a point I started to get the skipping and stopping of the disk, so I purchased the new player thinking I had a substandard DVD player, but this did not solve my problem.
It's definitely a media problem.

TDK media is trash (well, most of it is). Avoid it like the plague! You wanna know how bad it is? Way back when I first started this thing, I purchased some TDK discs because they were on sale. Unbeknownst to me at the time, TDK rates very low. So, I took the remaining discs in the spindle and sold it to some poor unsuspecting soul on Ebay. They were so bad that I didn't even finish the spindle. I sold them! Oh yeah, they coded out as CMC Mag. That should explain it all.

Stick to TY or Verbatim--and that's all.

Latest AnyDVD to rip > VOBB to blank the unwanted on a DVD > Shrink to compress > ImgBurn to burn = Never starting a thread asking how to backup a movie
Appreciate the update of TDK disks. Going to go with the Verbatim today. Also in reading up on my problem I'm changing Nero's burn setting over to DVD-ROM instead of the DVD +. Will burn another movie of which I know there is a problem and I will report back on the outcome. Thanks again
What no one is mentioning is that many dvd players themselves have problems playing back DVD-R and DVD+R.

I have seen many dvd players from cheap to expensive have this playback issue. The movie will start to skip, show squares, etc...

I have never had any playback issues with my players. I have a $30.00 cyberhome that always works and i have a LG upconvert dvd player that never has problems playing back.

Lots of people also say that cheap DVD-R or +r discs are the problem but i have to say i have tried cheap to expensive dvd blank media and never had any playback issues. I ussualy use memmorex, tdk and sony DVD-R 16x.

Make sure the dvd player says on the box that it supports DVD-R,DVD+R,DVD-RW,DVD+RW,dvd-dl,dvd+dl on it. these are some of the formats it supports.

I also have burned anywhere from 2.4x to 16x and i never have issues. I mainly burn at 16x.
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I agree with what everyone else has said. There is also the possibility of the burner going bad. I don't know how old it is, but a burner is usually only good for XXXX many burns. I've also had issues with the software installation. Two perfectly identical machines using the same USB burner, one would have burn errors every few burns... the other would have one bad burn on a very, very rare occasion. Luckily I had the means to ghost the good machine's hard drive and now both machines work perfect with a minimum number of bad burns.

I now only burn using TY media that I get from
Shipping usually kills the prices, but they occasionally have good enough deals to purchase in larger quantities and occasionally offer free shipping.
Appreciate the info. Just went down and purchased Verbatim disks and will burn another couple of movies and see what happens with the Verbatim's. Interested in the comment about the burner. I have a Memorex unit less that 3 months old. I thought back sometime ago it could be my burner so purchased a new unit, but still having problems.
Will post my results when I finish. Thanks again for all the info on my problem. It could be a combination of both burner and disks, who knows????
What size memory does your computer have as well? My daughter's computer seemed to have a similar problem until I upped her RAM for 512 to a Gig. Now it works just fine.
My computer has 1 GB of Ram presently. It looks like I have resolved my problem with going with the Verbatin disks, changing Nero's burn code to DVD-ROM plus reducing the burn speed to about half of my burners burn rate. I have burned a couple of movies since going to Verbatim disks and each burn has no complications.
Now what I need to do is find a program which will recondition the orginal burn disk that had the skips and stutters on it so I won't have to go out and rent all the movies orginally copied. I don't know of any program out there that will allow me to do a recondition process. I might just have to redue all my movies over. Any suggestions out there to give me a edge on my problem.. Thanks for the input.
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I had the same experience as you are having, read here for my experiences using TDK discs...
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Hiram 319
Thanks for your reply. I have read your notes to the same problem which I have been having. I read someones note about a printer or program which places labels directly on the disk instead of the paper labels, I would be very interested in this program.
I think I have found my problem as I stated in my last note which was sent in.
I'm sure I will find out completly as I commence to burn more disks, although I would like to find (if possible) a pgp that will refurbish my ald burn so I don't have to redue all my movies over. If you have found a pgp I sure would like to have a lead on what's available out in the media field.
Once again thanks for your info.
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as for re-doing all you movies, try to make a backup of one TDK using AnyDVD and then burn normally. See if that works, it's worth a shot.

printed labels vs. paper labels
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Hiram 319
Originally posted by heymon:

Now what I need to do is find a program which will recondition the orginal burn disk that had the skips and stutters on it so I won't have to go out and rent all the movies orginally copied... Thanks for the input.
Careful how you word this - you make backups of movies you OWN. The stuff you have already on the cheap media? Try running it through shrink and burn to a DVD-R - should be ok. Jack
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