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Purchased at Christmas to xfer VHS home movies to DVD. Some tapes are 20+ years old and some with iffy video quality. Am having the E25 code error issue and have heard that it could be due to age of tapes and somehow setting off the copy protection code.I have dubbed a couple of tapes but some tapes not able to because of this E25 code continually popping up and stopping recording. i have tried different discs, recopy original tape to another to improve copy quality all to no avail.....Any suggestions out there? I've taken the unti back to the store out of frustration but would be willing to repurchase if i can resolve this issue since it copied very well. I see where another poster has the same problem but no resolve yet

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i had the same problem after a few long nites on the net i found the answer and it worked

if you are going to dub vhs to dvd you have to use ONLY 8x dvd medie and that came from the mouth of the manufacturer

it works and its not in the manual anywhere.
Yea CDB,,,,,,,I saw that post and thought i had it resolved as well. Only problem was, that when i went home and looked, i WAS using 8X and having the problem....Now granted they are an "off brand" and not one of the recommended brands so i don't know. I started out with Memorex 16X not really thinking there would be an issue...When they started acting up, i switched to the no name brand as i had those laying around. I even tried the Sony brand but they are 1X-16X so i guess they are still considered faster...My problem with your comment is, how long will there be 8X's available? And i'm even miffed as to why MY 8X's still give me error messages......

Can i ask what brand you are using that helped?

I actually went and repurchased the unit cause i saw where there was a workaround that someone had posted and haven't tried that yet

I was having trouble with my DVD burner on my PC and thought this route would get me going.....My mistake i guess........Tks
You can get 8x Taiyo-Yudens, which is probably the best media you can get, at I prefer the TYG02 (8x DVD-R) myself, and they're pretty reasonably-priced.

If that error is a copy-protection issue, you'd be best off with a Time-Base Corrector, or, at least, a stabilizer/clarifier. TBCs are pricey - a good one is about $200-$300 - but some folks posted here within the last month or so and claimed they had good results from $30 stabilizers/clarifiers. You really need one of these things anyway - preferably, a full TBC - for VHS-DVD transfer so look at it as part of the cost of the job.

-Do you believe you own your computer and shouldn't be told what you can run and do? Then say *NO* to Microsoft Vista!
-Since half the questions here involve media problems, here ya go: Only use Verbatim or Taiyo-Yuden discs (get your TYs from, not Supermediastore or meritline). Forget the rest, no matter what "brand" they sell under. Always burn at 4x speed regardless of the speed rating of this discs or your drive. If you have burn problems with these then you have to update your drive's firmware. For double-layer discs, only use Verbatim DVD+R DL and burn them at 2.4x speed.
the brand is not really important because i have several different types just 8x only not 1x-4x-8x . the 8x-16x work fine for push the button and record but not for dubbing. tdk 8x i get from ebay is the ones i use most.
Dubbing problem.This problem can be solved easily by using an external VCR to play the tape you want to put on a DVD.I am using a Sanyo VCR and memorex DVD+R 16x .Never any problems. This is easier than the dubbing procedure given in book.
1. Insert DVD
2. Press Rec mode on remote (I selected 2.5 hr since tapes are 2 hr.)
3. Start VCR tape and pause.
4. Press DVD Rec and start VCR tape (play)
5. Finalize disc when finish recording.

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