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cannot open rar file

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i downloaded a torrent,a rar file with a rar file in it, when i tried to open the second rar file it would not. i looked at the file in WinRAR and it said that it is a system folder? in win explorer it says it is a rar file. i have had this happen before and couldn't figure it out so i deleted the files and gave up. now that it has happen again i would like to figure it out if possible. other rar files on my computer open just fine!! im running genuine xp pro sp2!
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So basically, your saying that you have a .rar in a .rar, right?

1. open the the .rar

2. now you see another .rar in that one, correct?

3. right click on the .rar. in the .rar and extract it to wherever
you want.

4. open that extracted .rar, and extract the contents you want.

This should work for you unless the idiot who packed it up split up the .rar's into r00 and r01

then you need to have the roo, and r01 extracted to the same folder so they can combine to form the full file once you've extracted r00

Hope that sort of helps


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what im saying is that the second rar will not open. when i look at the file in WinRAR it says its a system folder! but in win explorer it says its a rar file
Right click the second rar and tell what options you have

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open with...
sorry and send to..
Sounds like a system file, you could open it with notepad and read any relevant info it may have.

Your torrent just might be a garbage file as well, or possibly a nicely packed little virus, especially if it's a small torrent, from a shady tracker.

I'd of scanned that thing first.


...a mind is a terrible thing to waste...
I have kind of a problem like his. I downloaded a torrent and when i extact it to the folder is says cannot exceed more than 260 characters. Is the file bad or is there somthing wrong with the program??

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