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How to copy music off an Unmodded Xbox to my PC

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Hi guys,

I was hoping somebody could help me with me lil delemmur! In the years gone by, I've copied heaps of CD's onto my unmodded Xbox (music section) so that I could play them whenever. At present, my original CD's are scratched to buggery, and I'd love to copy my Xbox hdd to my PC hdd. I can't find a site that tells me a way to do it, as they all seem to need a modded dashboard. Can I do it??? Does anyone know how?? I don't have Linux - and would love my music for my iRiver! My computer BIOS detects the drive, but I can't "disk management" a new drive for use.
Cheers guys,

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with an unmodded system i do not know of any ways to do that.
You need a modded system (hacked dashboard) to transfer files from the PC to Xbox or Xbox to PC.
If you felt like looking into it softmodding the xbox is something you can do for free, or have an experienced friend do for you.

Then all you need is a $12 Cat5 Crossover Cable and you can transfer information back and forth at will.

Cheers Steimy - I'll look into doing that then!
Appreciate the help!
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