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Choose compilation type in Nero Express

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Using Nero Express OEM version, I am trying to burn a dvd from a 2.2GB .vob file. When I add the file to the compilation, it tells me files larger than 2GB cannot be store in an ISO file system - "Please use the UDF file system to write such large files. This can be done by selecting another compilation type".

At this point I start to feel dumb because I can't see how to change the compilation type. Having read the guide, tried various FAQs and forums, I am stuck.

I am new to burning DVDs - basically I have copied a TV program from my PVR, used videoredo to cut the ads out and want to keep a backup copy of it on DVD. Nothing fancy, no menus, chapters etc. If I can get something that will play when I put it in my DVD player, I'll be happy.

Can anyone help?
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Hi yakheart
Which option in Express are you using? Using DVD-Video?
I didn't think iso file system was under 2 gig but you can also use Burning Rom to burn this - dvd-video option or try the DVD-Rom UDF/ISO option.
You'll find the other options listed in Burning Rom.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I am using the DVD-Video files option.

I am using Nero Express because it was bundled with the drive I bought.

Not wanting to seem cheap, but I was hoping to do this without buying any more software. I assume that Burning ROM is part of the product you have to pay for?

Thanks again.
The good news is I just got a response from Nero's support.

The bad news is that "Nero Express is a limited version and does not support the DVD (UDF) format, so you can not write data files larger than 2GIG using this software."

Hi ho.

Any free tools that will let me do this, or do I have to stump up? If so, what is thebest option, given that I don't really knwo what I am doing?
Yes burning rom is part of the Nero package but sounds like you have a oem version which can have limited options in Nero.

But hope is not lost. Use this free good burning program - ImgBurn.
This one should handle it.
Use the build mode and add the VOB file.
Here's a lengthy guide(lots of info) but the 1st few screen shots will show you what you need - pretty easy actually.

Post back if you need any help w/ it.

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That is a step forward. ImgBurn wrote to the dvd ok.

I've clearly still done something wrong, as my DVD player just looked at it blankly and said "Unknown disc". I have now got a dvd with a VOB file on it so I guess that I have just created a data disc rather than a video disk (to use a parallel from cd burning).

I had chosen (I think) the ISO 9whatever+UFD file system, so I thought that the player would recognise the UFD information.

I'll try again tomorrow, I expect this is down to me not reading the guides properly. I'll do it more carefully then, and read up on the ImgBurn forums.

Thanks again.
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New RipIt4Me + DVD Shrink + ImgBurn guid <==== Rip any DVDs Guides by bbmayo.....
Yes definitely a step forward :)
I'll also just used ISO9660 and was fine on the player.

Let's check a few other things too.

What brand of media are you using like Sony +R 16x.
How about the make and model of the burner?
And last what speed did you burn at?

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Brand of media - TDK DVD+R 1-16X 4.7GB single sided
Burner - Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S
Laptop - Packard Bell EasyNote
Burn speed - Max

When I load the DVD back in to the laptop, it seems to mount ok, and Windows Explorer shows just the .vob file under the root of the drive.

The laptop doesn't behave the way it normally does when I feed it a DVD, that is, it doesn't automatically open the media player and show the movie. That may be because I didn't do any authoring stuff. I can open the VOB file in VideoReDo, but it doesn't play so it may just be a duff recording.

Is burning at a lower speed worth trying?
Yes - I would try 6x or 4x on the laptop.
The VOB on the hard drive plays fine b/4 you burn it?

Check you version of firmware too - helps the drive w/ read and write strategies. Maybe a later that will help.
Either LiteOn of Packard Bell will support this drive - oem drives can be a little picky on who supports them.

Check which version you have now. In ImgBurn go to tools>drive>check for firmware update. A popup will display the version # then take you to the firmware page to see if there is a later version.
The version #'s usually go in sequential order.

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OK, I burned another disc at 4X and I can read the VOB file back from it. I'll maybe try upgrading the firmware and see if that helps burning at faster rates.

The ImgBurn drive check says my current firmware is PS08 and the search says:
Liteon SOSW-852S(X)
SlimtypeDVDRW SOSW-852S - PS01, PSX3
(Known Firmware: PRS7 (Acer OEM))

The above frankly confuses me.

That however is another issue. I would settle for slower burning, but the disc I can read back ok still doesn't load when I feed it to the DVD player.

Should there be a file structure on the DVD, something like a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders with the VOB file under the VIDEO_TS folder?

What there is just now is the .vob file directly under the root of the disc.
Ok - dopey me left off a bit of info here. Yes the player needs something else to play this- an ifo file. That's the instructions for the dvd player basically.

So create a video_ts folder- drop in the VOB file. Try using Shrink but use the reauthor mode. Browse for the video_ts you created and open it.
Then drag the VOB over to the left.

Or use Nero Vision Express - add the VOB file and Vision will convert it to a dvd compliant dvd.

The firmware is just listing the offical LiteOn firmware and one for an Acer laptop. The latest may be PSX3 if LiteOn supports this drive. If not then Packard Bell would be the ones to get the firmware from.
If they have an update available that may solve the burn speed issue.
The drive is defaulting to the lowest since it looks like the media is supported w/ the current firmware.

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Thanks for bearing with me on this. I don't think it is you that is being dopey here.

I've installed Shrink, created the VIDEO_TS folder and copied the .vob file in.

Using reauthor mode, I can browse folders including the new video-ts folder, but no files are shown so I don't see how to move the .vob file to the left.

When you suggest using Nero Express, would this not be us back at square 1? The .vob file is more than 2GB so it says to change the compilation type, which Nero support say I can't do with the limited options in Express.
Nah I just can't believe I forgot earlier that a dvd needs a certain structure to playback on the player - wasn't til you mentioned that it finally dawned on me. (old age - I'll blame it on that - lol)

Ok the Shrink isn't going to do it. (was thinking it might but no go)

There's another app in Nero - called Vision Express (Nero 6) and Vision (Nero 7) that will convert to this VOB file to a dvd player compliant file. Converts other file formats too like AVI, wmv etc.
Check in Smart Start and see if you see that listed. Sometimes oem versions come with it.

2 others that have trials that may work too are ConvertXtoDVD and WinAVI.
ConvertX will leave a watermark w/ the trial - not sure if WinAVI does.

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