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Almost ready to downgrade my psp to version 1.5, i have version 3.03.

Ok i noctied the guide says copy MS_ROOT but i have MP_ROOT
is the guide miss spelled MP_ROOT.

Im a psp newbie by the way.
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no its supposed to say MS_ROOT it means memory stick root. copy it your psp drive basically.
Ok what is the MP_ROOT folder?.
Could that be movie player or something,every time i reformat my stick the psp creates it and when i tranfer a vidio to the psp i belive it goes in that folder.
videos go into the ms0:\PSP\MP_ROOT\100MNV01 folder. But now on newer firmware psp's u can place video files in ms0:\VIDEO
Well i cant wait to dg now just got to get this gta changed to the unpatched.
I asked the shop keeper for unpatched version he gave me the wrong one.
they arent going to know what ur talking about, anyhow you wont be able to find it new. your best bet will be used.
It is used the one i got.
oh ok i was left with the presumption it was new.
ive just gone to blockbusters and well the lady is renting gta version un patched so anyone who wants to dg can
very nice lady

ill probly have to mod my familys ones as well they all want ps1 on psp

sony may of made a great idea here
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