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I'm tring to back up Fuzion Frenzy 2 but it doesn't come up as a xbox 360 game only XGD2DVD_NTSC so the programs for backin up 360 games dont work. Does anyone know whats up with that? Tried Schtrom360XtractV3.1 & Xbox_Backup_Creator_v2.3. Thanks guys.
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march madness was the same way. This is really badd!
follow this method posted on xboxscene for all the xgd2dvd_ntsc files

simplest method:

1. launch XBC v2.3
2. select Drive Tools
3. Unlock Drive--press this twice to get it to recognize the partition size correctly (that's the bug in it--no big deal--its NOT always automatically detected)--ignore the response that says drive is already unlocked--tha';s the KREON firmware doing its job, I suspect.
4. READ image--select "current partion" NOT "complete backup--I mis-stated that in my first tutorial---ooops type too quickly.
5. It will be 7,135,744 (or: 7,307,001 if you go into Properties---that;s why I don't use the PROPERTY values)
6. XBC v2.3--go back to Drive Tools and extract all three (SS, PFI and DMI)--YES definately all 3!
---2kb each in size
7. save to same folder as the .iso that XBC v2.3 created earlier
8. Launch SS Merger 1.7b
9. ignore the request to do an on-line Xtereme verfication--select NO when prompted.
10. press the MERGE button--this takes about 30-45 minutes to merge the new complete ISO
11. Burn wih ImgBurn v2.1..same deal as before--I used 4x speed on Verbatim DVD +R DL media
that works up to the part when i want to merge but its red instead of green and so it wont merge it. Any reason why?
is there an error message when you click merge? as long as you have the iso file, ss, pfi and dmi you should be alright. Just click merge and it should show the hourglass loading and it took me about 20 minutes (could take longer) to join it then it says complete. (does not show the progress while its doing it.) should be merged with the iso and then burn the .dvd file it creates. the settings should be already set up for the merger, just click on pad with blank i believe is not check marked, so just checkmark that. check this out if you want more information.
the nessage i get is ff2.iso is xtreme style length (Fuzion Freenzy 2). the bar are also red and arent they suppose to be green? thanks
-- Same problem here. Fuzion Frenzy 2 is in XGD2dvd_NTSC format. So far, our only options are ISO BUSTER and wxripper? Blah! I hope we get a new ripper like schrotom soon!
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