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drkmist86 Account closed as per user's own request
Ok so I have downloaded a bunch of games and thery are in rar format, some are ONE file only and the others are in like 70 parts.
I understand what to do with the 70 part file, you extract ONLY from the first one, but when I extract either of the above my computer says that the file is to large to extract, it says it reaches the 4GB limit and that there is not enough space to finish as soon as it reaches that part. There is MORE then enough space BUT it still doesn't work.
If anyone understands can you lend a helping hand or point me to the right forum?

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is your system running on FAT32, it has a file size limit
converting it to NTSC will end that.

and if it is just one file then it is most likely an ISO and doesn't need extracting. If the one file shows a WinRAR icon it is because you have the box in WinRAR checked under files association next to ISO. That means all ISO files show with a WinRAR icon.

drkmist86 Account closed as per user's own request
I Unchecked such box before the download started so that can not be the problem. Also when I do open the file (rar) it tells me it is an ISO file for UtraISO.
Packed Size - 3,697,982,907
Un-Packed - 4,644,110,336
Title - Killzone.ISO

If I were to convert to NTSC, would that mean I would have to format my current hard drive or can I use Partition Magic program to set some aside for those files?

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i have seen guides on the internet that tell you that you can convert from FAT32 to NTFS (sorry i said NTSC before, my brian was in PS2 land) without losing any information. general info
converting info:

rubenx Suspended account
hey where you download that? is for psp? what do you want to do?
Is this the PSP section. No i would have to assume it was for Ps2
and as for where to get them you will just have to search the word "torrent" and see what you come up with on your own.

drkmist86 Account closed as per user's own request
Thank you problem solved but now I have to start buring this stuff and I'll look around for a tutorial of some kind...
It seems your "brian" is still in la la land cause it is in fact a "brain".

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drkmist86 Account closed as per user's own request
Well also, I forgot to mention the fact that my Usb HDD had some errors while tring to convert, luckly I recovered from the problem (A loss of drive Lettering i.e. "Drive D:").
That was fixed pretty easily, but I was unable to convert because of the errors, so I dumped all the memory I had on it through multiple resources (CD,DVD,Rar). Took a total 3 days(SUCKED) well the point of this whole post is that when you get a HDD FORMAT OR CONVERT right away!

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