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How to test my DVD burner

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I did a quick search and did not find anything on this... Anyone know if there is any way to test your dvd burner if it goes bad over time? Or if the laser goes bad? Before I buy another burner I would like to test this... I have already copied roughly 400 movies and 20 ps2 games with this drive.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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When you have trouble reading burnt and commercial disks, then you should be concerned your drive is dieing.

What model/make is your drive?

A good drive should last about 2 years under frequent use - I think that's about right? Anyway, with only 420 or so burns under your belt, you've got no problems. Some people on here are into the 2000 (something like that) burns with the same drive.

Sony DRU-710A

I have had if for about 3 years.
Ok, well here's the latest firmware for your drive, to keep it up-to-date with newer disks etc

Also, you can run a laser cleaning disk through it every oncein a while just to keep it in good "shape".

Thanks, unfortunately...for me, I have the latest firmware... And I am using a Radio Shack Carbon Edge Laser Lens Cleaner once every few months. I haven't checked my Nero patches lately (I have a version of 6). I will do that now... Thanks for the comments. I have ordered another burner just in case. I figure it's only $50. Now I will have 2. Oh, and I am using what I hear are very high quality discs. Taiyo Yuden, familiar?

Ok, well as long as it's up to date, then fine. Latest Nero 6 is - not sure about Nero 7.

As for your choice of media, Taiyo Yuden are the best it gets. I'm very familiar with them ;-)

What drive did you buy?

And my pc is a 2.8Ghz Pentium D with a gig of ddr 400mhz pc3200. Soon to be 2 gigs.
I bought a Sony DRU830A. The reviews were good and I am happy with my current Sony burner even if it is going bad. In my opinion I feel I have used it quite a bit.
I just copied The guardian, and undisputed II... I will watch the guardian this weekend and see if all is ok. Thanks
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