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Can I put PS2 Games on PSP?

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Can I put PS2 games on PSP? Like Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex
Its about 500mb
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u can put it on there but u cant play it.
You could try to put one into the drive. When they fit there you can play the games. Anything that's better than a PS1 and fits in there can be played.

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Originally posted by Eisherz:
You could try to put one into the drive. When they fit there you can play the games. Anything that's better than a PS1 and fits in there can be played.
No they can't.

You need an emulator to play non-PSP games, and there isn't a PS2 emulator for PSP.

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Can we play snes on psp? Yes we have done that.
Can we play gb on psp? Yes we also have done that.
Can we play gba on psp? Yup, what can you ask for?
Can we play n64 on psp? On the way there.
Omg we can finally emulate psONE on psp!!!
Wow! When will we be able to play ps2 games on the psp?
Nah. how about ps3 games?

I would like to see how the psp blow up even trying to run a ps2 game.

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lol the psp is not like the ps2 the psp is not as powerful.

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we cant even run a good ole N64 emulator without it looking all garbaged, so how would we be able to run anything like ps2. lol

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Originally posted by hexitnow:
u can put it on there but u cant play it.
Allright, that's ok, but I hope there is an Emulator
Don't be stoopid... there can NEVER be an emulator. How could a PSP ever run a PS2 game ?

Do you have any idea how much less powerful a PSP is ?
i lol'd :P

i was reading an article about the comparision against the psp and the ps2 and and at the end of it the guy said that the psp is as powerful as the ps2 but in a different way, so maybe there might be a ps2 emulator
Tom is right, as far as processing power the psp is right there with the ps2. Now that doesn't mean that it can play ps2 games, just that from a technical stand point the psp is a powerful piece of equipment. I think if a psp were to ever play a ps2 game it could only be pulled off by the programmers at Sony. The Sony programmers gave us the ps1 emulator, Dark_Alex just took advantage of it with his 3.XX OE updates. Purely from a logistical stand point, the Dual Shock 2 controller for PS2 uses pressure sensitive buttons has dual joysticks and 2 more shoulder buttons. Its true that the PS1 emulator has come up with clever tricks to fix the joystick and shoulder buttons for the ps1 titles, but ps2 titles are more frequently built around the dual shock 2 controller, thus complicating the ps2 on psp dilemma.


The only way we will ever get ps2 on psp is if sony takes the ps2 games and rewrites the whole souce code to work on psp.

in other words they would have to rebuild the whole for the psp
ps1 is possable because the psp is stronger
ps2 is stronger then the psp

check the status of the consles your then see that
No it would NEVER work, not even possible if they completely rewrote the code. The PS2 needs a certain amount of processing power that the psp just doesn't have. If the PC can't emulate ps2 (well enough to play), the PSP sure as hell isn't go to.
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