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is there any GAMECUBE emulator for psp?

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No, there is hardly a N64 emulator.

Originally posted by rsrepp:
No, there is hardly a N64 emulator.

Actually, that could change this month with Daedalus R9.

For the Gamecube emulator bs, just compare the stats of a GC and a PSP (I suppose you can use google or wikipedia to get them?) and you see, how impossible that is.

Xbox 360: Slim untouched with a faked 320 GB harddrive for XBL, phat with LT 3.0, played Halo early, so going on live would be an instand ban, also with a faked 320 GB harddrive
PS3: Untouched 160 GB Slim, 60 GB Fat with latest Rogero and 160 GB internal harddrive.
PSVita: hardly ever play it
GameCube: Black with a Viper chip installed. With gameboy player. Trying to get a Wavebird controller.
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