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What software to burn SACD and/or DTS cds ?

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Hi Everyone,
I've downloaded some SACD and SACD-DTS files, I was wondering what's
the best software to burn them to a CD 's with multi-channel playback?
Right now I would be happy to create any multi-channel CD's, analog or digital. I used Nero before amd I got CD's that only played back with 2-channel sound. I have used Nero Vision Express 4 to burn 5.1 audio playback video DVDs, but I haven't as yet figured out how to to sucessfully burn multi-channel audio cds with Nero 7 . And its possible too, that all my attempts resulting in 2-channel playback, were caused by playing the Cds on the wrong audio hard ware?
Some tips from more knowledgeable folks will be appreciated. Thanks!

your Friend,
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You cannot burn SACD files.
SACD Creator is an application costing in the region of $10k+, and will not create a playable disc as this must be done in a replication factory.

DTS-CD files should look like 16/44.1 stereo WAV, or they won;t work on DTS-CD. These should be burned as an ordinary Audio CD, and played back via the digital outputs of your DVD player (Or CD player) into an amplifier that has a DTS decoder.


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your Friend,
Sorry to bring bad news!
The best option open to you is to use DVD-Audio. There are applications available from a mere $35, from Cirlinca, that will allow you to create 4.0 24/96 PCM DVD-A discs.
It will (as at version 1.2) also allow you to author a 24/96 5.1 stream as uncompressed PCM, but bear in mind this is wildly out of spec, and is not guaranteed to play back correctly as it far exceeds the spec data rates.
Whilst Cirlinca is indeed basic - very limited menu options - there are also the Minnetonka Audio apps, from Bronze through Steel to Chrome. Bronze is also basic, but uses the GEAR burning engine and as such is one of only 2 engines that are actually approved by the DVD Forum. VSO make a good one too (This is the one used in Steinberg's WaveLab. Both versions 5 & 6 are capable of DVD-Audio authoring as well as Stereo/Multichannel editing, data discs & fully redbook compliant CD-Audio).

Straight burning tools like GEAR Video 8.2 will take an Audio_TS folder authored elsewhere & create your final disc for you - as well as DVD-Video (including authoring), VCD, SVCD and every other type of disc you can write.

Top of the range is Sonic Solutions DVD-Audio Creator (Do not confuse this with the very badly named ripper called "DVD Audio Creator", which is nothing of the sort) and this gives you complete access to the entire DVD-Audio specifications.
It retails at around $13,000 but can be bought second user for a third of this if you are lucky. You'll certainly get at least 50% off if you look, and Sonic will transfer the license for free if you send them a copy of the sales invoice.


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