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Error Converting with ConvertXtoDVD

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Sup y'all im kinda new to this so if these are typical noob problems then pls forgive me :P

i converted several movie's without a problem and this one movie which i really wanne have in my movie collection wont work properly
the movie i wanne convert exists out of: VOB BUP and IFO files

when the movie is done converting first thing i notice is the Amazingly good quality but the problem is there seems to be some sort of lag while playing the movie, it kinda freeze's for a small sec and then continues and it does that during the Entire movie

this is what the log looks like After attempting to convert

Thanks in Advance People

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Assuming that you have the latest version of Convertx and the file plays ok (before conversion) on your PC with your viewer.
If the problem shows up when you play the new dvd disc on your PC AND your standalone player, you might try clicking on Settings/Audio and check 'don't fix audio discontinuities'

I can't think of anything else except if the problem coincides with chapter points, convert the file without them and of course you never burn over 4x and always use Verbatim.
i dont think i got the latest version of Convertx (any chance i could get a link?)
gonna try ur suggestions and hope its gonna work
one Question tho... What's Verbatim and what does it do?
and in case im gonna like it where can i get it?

Thanks Again

run Convertx, click Help -> Check Update.

By 'Verbatim' I mean Verbatim brand DVD disks.Generally available at the likes of WalMart, Best Buy, etc.

I have the same issue...I convert RMVB Videos into AVI with WinAVIConverter...and then I go to ConvertXtoDVD...

The Quality IS AWSOME...But my video freezes plays and freezes plays and freezes like 3 times then the video keeps playing and I can watch it ok...then it does it again 30 seconds later...

I made 9 Discs of YU YU Hakusho Episodes Problem...

I watch the Converted videos on my Computer they play fine...

How can I fix this issue??? it seems like it does it for all the movies I import now...Please explain how to fix this problem I have the Latest Versions of everything but nothing has worked...

Please post what to do?? I tried making the Videos DVD-Video...An ISO...or I tried just adding the AVIs to a DVD...Using Nero...

Please help
What speed are you burning the dvd?
It should be 4x maximum on good media.
If a burned dvd plays ok on the PC but has problems on the standalone, then it often comes down to burning speed and disk quality.
Media quality is discussed here:

Discs manufactured by Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim are often recommended.
In North America, Taiyo Yuden are only available by mail order.

To find out what disks play well in standalone players got here:
I use Taiyo Yudan 8x DVD-R's and I ALWAYS burn at 4x

I had no problem with Making my First 9 Discs with WinAVIConverter and ConvertXtoDVD without messing with any Options...

I am putting Yu Yu Hakusho Episodes on DVD-R so I Can watch them on my PS2...They start as RMVB Files and I convert them to AVI's with WinAVI and then after thats done I open ConvertXtoDVD and use that to put 9 Episodes one 1 DVD-R...Burning at 4x speed...

Why did I have no Problem with 73 Episodes and Now I am having issues with 74-112...I do the same thing and they are freezing and playing...

It gets annoying...Please Someone help me...I tried make a DVD Video_VS and putting it on a DVD-R with Nero...I tried making them an ISO and using Nero...I tried Roxio Disc Copier it gives me Error Messages...

Please someone help me.
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