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How to Record yourself playing on xbox live

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how do you record yourself when your playing. and then after you can put it up on youtube and stuff. wat do u need, or wat do u need to do. thanks
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umm a camcorder that can be hooked up to your computer...and jus record normally i guess...idk nvr done it b4
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A vcr and dazzel dvc. look the dazzel dvc and just hook up ur xbox to ur vcr put in a tape and record when done use dazzel to upload it to a computer
capture card
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Or you could be a normal person and play the game without recording yourself

not that microsoft guy
or you could just help the guy and not try and tell him what to do, the best thing for you to do man is to use a capture card that you can get for about 30 bucks
Why not just use a webcam, then it will already be on the computer and you'll save yourself $30? Unless you don't have a webcam either.

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he means like record the video, not him actually playing, im guessing he wants to make a montage or something of the sort
ohh, I see. Then you've stumped me.

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the best way is to go out and buy a nice pinacle cap card, or usb cap device but they arent cheap so a cheap pci cap card will work
I didn't know it was possible to record what happens on your tv screen while you play Xbox. Can you record TV too?

EDIT> Wait, I guess thats what TiVo is for lol.
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no not tivo, its called a "tv tuner" and you can get them cheap if you look in the right places but it basically lets you run a coax in and record directly to your computers hard drive and different compressed forms, its really nice for making montages and stuff like that
hey i was wondering if there was a way to capture video on your xbox strait to your hdd like when you playing a game you could capture that

can you read?

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one of these for about $90 will do you well. You can also buy the dazzle dvd recorder for about $50 but its not as good as the Platinum. The Plat goes on sale about every 2-3 mos but you can find it cheaper from a few stores right now if you really need it. The SW that comes with it is not the best, but thats what bittorrent is for ;) Combine a good usb capture card with Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or Ulead Media Studio Pro & you'll be making sweet videos in no time.
Once you get good at video capture head on over to SDA & post your runs. They have a tight community & you'll learn lots of things there. One of the best gaming community sites.

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thanks for the info ill probably go to circut city or best buy
im not sure what to get though
what would be the best quality and i have a laptop to will it work on that

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