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need help burning iso torrent file ps2 game

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can some help me before I waste too many DVD-R.
I have nero6 and dvd decryptor

I downloaded a ps2 game torrent and unzipped it with WinRAR. I was left with one ISO file.
first I tried burning the ISO image to the dvd using Nero but the game would not play in my ps2. the message said "please insert a ps2 format disk"
the 2nd time, I opened the iso file and burnt the contents as data onto a dvd and I still got the same error message. "insert a playstion format disk"!
Now I read someplace on the internet that I must first install a modchip into my ps2 before I can play a copy of a game.
can anyone give me specific steps on how to burn an iso ps2 to a dvd. do I need a modchip? do I burn the ISO as an image to the dvd--do I open the ISO and burn its contents as data.
can anyone help
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PowerISO 3.6 will burn that disc.

You will need a Mod Chip

And Mod Chips are only intended for those who back-up their original games, you might get in trouble from Afterdawn for mentioning that you downloaded it.
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you can also do it another way, i have a mod flip lid and swap magic dvd, this allows me to play "any game", you will be able to find them on the net, they cost around 30 ($45 US),the great thing about doing it this way is you dont need any tools (just a screwdriver), also i have heard that if you use a mod chip youwill not be able to play DVD films on your PS2 (not sure if its true).

as for coppying iso's, my way is to mount the iso to a vertual drive, i use Daemon Tools,then i just copy from my vertual drive to my dvd writer, you also need to write the iso image and not extract it like you would with a pc game.

but in short you need to modify your ps2 to play coppied games.
Yeah Swap Magic works, heard some games won't work with that way though, like the Dual Layered games
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