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What router is needed for my PSP?

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Hi guys. I want to go on Internet with my PSP. I found some informations but I am not sure I mean about buying router for the PSP to go to Internet. One expert say you need a wireless router. If I got a wireless router can I still connect it with my wired cable/adaptor? I saw someone's suggestion here
If I buy it, is it going to be hard to setup the router? I want to go like this Internet Cable/Adaptor>Wireless router> PC and PSP. Then can I add another PC? So it will become 2 PCs and PSP. Is that possible? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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a router is in laymans terms, something that allows multiple machines to access the internet through one thing, like a modem. and yes i have one and we have like 2 computers and 2 laptops and my psp can access it.

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Hey man I have the Belkin F5D7230-4 802.11g Wireless DSL/Cable Gateway Router ($34.96 on ur link) YES get the one with 2 antenas looks better. Mine works find with my PSP but u will get more speed/range with 2 antenas. But get the router cuz i have the exact same one and it works with my PSP.

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i hear belkin have a lot of problems with routers, the best wireless router/modem to get is Netgear.

i use that one, or alternatly you can get a wifi dongle (DONT GET WIFI MAX DATEL) i hear thrustmaster is pretty ok, but id rather get a modem/router if i had the choice.

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the best router to get is Linksys

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Uhmm . . . Belkins, Netgear, and Linkys wow. Which one is the best? Please vote the routers.
Netgear -
Belkin -
Linkys -

By the way, is PSP's internet speed slow? What does it depend on? (The computer's internet speed? or which one? Thanks a lot and please help the members of PSP. :)
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Belkin - Has a lot of connection problems and some models can "burn out quickly" and if used 24/7 which most people do they will only last a year, alternatly they have a good customer service and i beleive are one of the fastest.

Netgear - Have a long life span and tend to stay cool, also have a very stable conection ratio and have a larger life span than most wireless routers.

Linksys - One of the fastest routers around and one of the most compatible, they have a stable connection but sometimes may reset if they get too hot, come with a pretty good warranty also i hear.

For Speed - Linksys
For Long Lifespan - Netgear
Best Strength Connection - Netgear
Best Customer Service - Belkin
Dissconnection Ration - Belkin, Linksys, Netgear

Overall Verdict - Netgear

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Hey there, I found a Netgear Wireless Router. Have a look and tell me if it is ideal for my PSP.

By the way, I have installed utorrent. My normal dl speed is 117.7Kb/s when I don't connect my PC throught my INexq router I mean directly through the Internet Adapter. But when I connect through my wired router my download speed is slow down to like 0.5Kb/s. That is terrible! I will never get the files with that speed! So If I connect through this Netgear Wireless Router 802.11g 108Mbps, will my speed be like I connect through with the INexa wired 100Mbps router? Please help me out! Thanks.

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should work, psp works on the 803.11g frequency and can do wep and wpa-tsk encryption (dont get any router that only has wep make sure it has wpa at least for maximum security)

that one seems fine tbh but i would google it with psp in the search.

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Now I can go to Internet with my PSP. Thanks for the help. I bought a Netgear Wireless firewall Router 802.11G 108Mbps and is only $26.69. By the way do you have a PSP which can go Internet and how far can you stay away from your wireless router and surf the Internet? Mine is like only 10 Meters. So I can't use my PSP to surf the Internet when I am away? I mean when I am outside? Some people say you can go on Internet when you are in a hotspot like McDonald, Circuit City. If I do a scan there, won't they know me that I am trying to get into their network and won't they block me?

Sorry for the GRAMMAR. Try your best to understand my grammar.
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wifi hotspots are just companies who have set up wireless connections for their customers(mcdonalds as you said have wireless in most their stores), mostly in london, theirs a few hotspots where i live but they all require an active subscription to bt or something. few unprotected networks so i can play online games over, doesnt really affect their latency as psp games dont use much bandwidth, unless its in MoH.

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