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help, how to use cwcheat with Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner (us)

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Have someone got cwcheat to work with Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner (us) because I have 310ea2 firmware and everytime I enable cwcheat when the game loads up right after the intro movie the screen turns white and freeze my psp and then it turns off. I think this game is hot and I would like to use some codes on. can someone please help to get cwcheat to work on this game because I know some people have got it to work.
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I was having many, many problems with CWC and 3.10oe, so i downgraded to 3.03oe-c and now it works fine. Maybe they have some compatability issues atm? Either downgrade or wait for them to update it.

thank you
I have downgraded but it still doesnt work
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