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cannot copy eboot file is too deep?? what does this mean??

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i am trying to put psx games on my psp but most of them say that the eboot cannot be done because the path is too deep i can get ff7 to work what am i doing wrong??
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try switching usb ports. you one in the front if you have them. if not just switch to a different one.

Phat PSP 1->MS Slot Dead.RIP
PSP SLIM->3.60->3.71->And with a lil bit of MAGIC->3.71M33->3.71M33-2->3.71M33-3->3.90M33->3.90M33-2->4.01M33-2
that worked i would have never thought of that i thought it had something to do with my eboot having to many folders in it but it worked so thanks again
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