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Sony str-de705 Protection mode

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I have a str-de705 in constant protection mode...I cannot get rid of it. I checked all wires, speakers, connections, etc. Everything looks fine. So I went a little further and started to perform surgery, and I do not have a PhD in stereophonic surgery. So I see fuses and switched and circuit boards and flat wires black tall thingy's. But I still decide to take things apart, not knowing what I am looking for or at...Then I disassemble the ciruit boards and flip them over (where there is no dust blocking my vision), and I see 2 sets of 8 pins where it looks a little discolored. (like it over heated) These things look like some kind of fuse? They are in 2 groups of 4 and on the board it says R816, R814, R817, R813 (first set), then R815, R804, R806, R803 (2nd set). Can I order these thingy's and replace them? If so how much money? Do you think it may fix the Protector mode? I have abused this receiver, and cranked it up for cd's (Heavy bass cd's like Metalica, or when I feel gangsta-ee west coast vs. east coast Magic Mike with the long DDDEEEEEEEEEPPP Bass chords that make your chest feel like it will explode!) So I would not be surprised if I burned something out! The funniest part about it, when the protector flashed on permanately I was listening to the stereo at a moderate volume (2 out of 10) But the receiver was hot and I believe I left it on all night before. Stupid me! I like this receiver, it does everything I need it to do, except feed the dog and make my coffee...(I do not have a dog) Its attractive, usefull, powerfull, and used to work! Sony may be a bit over priced, but I feel that the quality and consistancy goes a long way. Can I fix this myself? Cause if not, I am not paying 122.00 to have it fixed at Sony! I like it but c-mon now, not that much! It is like this stupid computer, waaaaayyyy out dated! (I bought this computer 2 days ago!)
Is there a way to override the Protector mode. I am old (older I guess) and I have 3 kids running around, and a wife, and rarely get 3 minutes alone to crank up country (yes I know country, like I said I am old) At least it is the newer country!
These "fuses" thingy's are light blue in color and say 33(upside down "U")J, then also either 2W or 65 2.
Any suggestions or feedback or just tell me I am crazy and move on!
I would like to get this thing up and running again! Any help is appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
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I have no idea! But, I'd say go to Radio Shack, and give them the info. They may know what those parts are, and how much they cost.

The upside down "U", or horseshoe looking thing, usually stands for
"ohms", I think.
Good luck!

Check the Sanyo STK350-030 (2-Channel AF Voltage Amplifier). If the “protect mode” goes away when the "CONT AS-2" board is removed, the STK350-030 probably needs to be replaced. The "CONT AS-2" is on the bottom of the STR-DE705 and connects the "AMP BOARD" "CNP701" to the "SURROUND BOARD" "CNP501". The STK350-030 is "IC501" on the "SURROUND BOARD".

A link to more discussion on the subject:

A link to the service manual:

A link for purchasing the STK350-030, reasonable price and delivery time:
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