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Lenovo Notebook Battery Recall

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In another case of possible exploding/combustible laptop batteries, Lenovo, the Chinese laptop manufacturer, is voluntarily recalling 100,000 batteries from laptops in their IBM ThinkPad line. The certain batteries in question are manufactured by Sanyo. The batteries being recalled are Lithium-ion batteries which are known to be very sensitive to the daily abuse a laptop sustains. ...

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my acer aspire notebook is using Sanyo Li-Ion battery,.......
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Originally posted by jutsu:

my acer aspire notebook is using Sanyo Li-Ion battery,.......
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When i saw that Lenovo had a laptop battery that can catch fire i thought what the hell lenovo can't make a mistake like that but when i read that the battery was from sanyo i thought that would be right. Sanyo is such a dirt brand
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