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PS2 HDD corrupted

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Just this afternoon I decided to reorganize my PS2 HDD. I accidentally removed a game in WinHIIP and naturally re-installed it using WinHIIP again. When I put my HDD back in my PS2 and loaded up HDL 8b, it took a while to load the games and such. This next part is VERRRYYY scary. As soon as I looked for the game it wasn't there. I only saw about 1/3 of my games and it said 146gb/149gb free which was TOTALLLY disproportional.

After a while of calming down all of my frustration, I used WinHIIP again and it said it had to rebuild the HDL game list info or something in general. Tada every thing's back... or at least I thought. For safe measures I scanned/repaired my ps2 drive. There was something corrupt about some empty space (not fragmented space). I ran it HDL again and this time it says my drive needs to be formatted. I was shocked. I AGAIN ran WinHIIP and again had to fix the dang list. I scanned and restored my freaking ps2 drive structure. NOTHING.

I'm really started to get frustrated about all this, because I don't mind the games being lost (I'll just use the originals to restore, however long it will take) but I'm almost permanently losing all my partition data that includes elfs, videos, specific mem card saves, pics, and other very valuable data. I have back ups to most of them but not all new ones which are quite important.

I just want to ask for ALL help anyone and everyone can give me. The best idea I have is to quick format the HDD, repair using WinHIIP, and hopefully get EVERYTHING including my partitions back.


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You idea sounds about right. But do a full reformat and not a quick one.

Yea but if I full format, aren't I risking permanently losing all data? When I said quick format I knew that the data was about 95% retrievable. If I do a full format isn't it wiping data and covering it up so it's not retrievable again. I just don't want to take the risk. Thanks for responding though.
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I had a similar problem when swapping between winhppand the ps2 I put back in my pc winhpp prompted repair? and all went well (no formatting required).
LMFAO. All I did this morning was put my HDD back in my PC using a caddy , start up WinHIIP, delete and re-install GTA:LCS, put my HDD back in my PS2, start HDL and voila. All I had to do was actually modify the HDD by adding a game/partition so it would recognize it as formatted. That's just the weirdest thing. To think, I was actually going to format the drive.

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