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Ok so i have been using Bitlord for about a year or so i think and its been going fine. ive had some slow speeds here and there but i got over it. i tried port forwarding through my router because i heard it would improve my speeds. i set it up and worked with it for a few days. My speeds were faster and everything seemed to work better than before. the next day i got an email from comcast about me downloading a game from bitlord saying if i do that again they will terminate my service n fine me. then the next day they sent another about another game i i stopped forwarding so i wouldnt be caught. why did this happen and how can i solve this? thanks for the help.
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3 things :
1) DUMP BITLORD, it's a malware fest, AND it leaks your upload/download info
2) get a proper client like Azureus or uTorrent 1.6.0 (or 1.6.1 if you really feel the need)
3) Read this :
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