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[MyDVD LE 6]Error Vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp

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I have the same error "\Vobulator\BlockPlanner\BlockPlanner.cpp, line.." with Roxio MyDVD LE 6 that I have in bundle with canon dc40 camera.

I have a start screen with 5 button.
Each one link to a screen with 2 button : Photo (slideshow) and Video (one video with hand-made charapter mark).
One of this video comes from the join of 2 VOB on 2 differnet mini-dvd.
With IFOEdit,DVD Shrink etc I made a single VOB and put it in my project.

When i burn it or create a dvd-like folder I have this error..
SomeOne can help me?
Sorry for my english...,I'm italian...
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I don't know how to make Roxio work or where you are getting the error message..
Will this VOB that was created, play ok with Windows Media Player?
If it plays ok then let this program write it to a folder and use another authoring program.

Or, if Roxio will accept MPEG files, change the name of the VOB to "filename.mpg" and see if you can use it in Roxio
To night I try and report you tomorrow...tnk|!!!!
I try to delete VOB that i insert after "edit" with other software but the error repeat :-(((
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