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playing dvd rip, but low sound. why

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i am play couple dvd rip movie in window's media player. don't know if i have explain this correctly. it is like there is sound, but the actor's speech is not as loud as the background music. and it has sound but the background noise it louder than the speech.
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Probably the audio is AC3. AC3 has a large dynamic range. Try adjusting your decoder, enabling DRC, etc. No different than playing a DVD though since the audio should be the original DVD audio.
how to enabling drc?
Depends on the decoder/player. Usually you just tick the DRC box.
playing the AVI file both in window media player and real player.

again, background noise in the movie is far louder than the voice of the actor i can't hear a word.
sorry, last night i just play a another movie and the audio is still killing me, so i really want to get this fix.

so what is DRC???? how do i fix it so i can enjoy a more pleasant movie experience.
someone please please please help me solve the issue. i hate not watching a good movie due to sound issue.
I know how to fix this but you need to answer some questions for me first.

Ok what is the audio in the AVI file? mp3, AC3

Use gpsot avi analyzer to find out.

If it is AC3 do you mind it being mp3?

EDIT: I just assumed that you had AC3 audio in the AVI file and made a tutorial on how to change it to mp3 so you can hear it better, the tutorial also gives you enough info to leave the original audio and to add the new audio to it.

Here is the video tutorial.

And in case you cant find virtualdubmod, here it is

Here is AutoGK
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good man thank you
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