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how to convert ps1 games to iso file tutorial

have you always wanted to play your ps1 games on your psp. well now you can psp fans with this tutorial i will tell how to convert them to a iso file which will work on most custom firwares or 1.5 and lower.

1) download auto postation 4 from this hyperlink ap4

2) unzip the file called 12400_AutoPopstation4 and open it

3)once you have open the folder there should be a program called AutoPopstation4. run the program.

4)once you have run the program insert a ps1 game to your computer

5)once the game has had time to load enter the number 1 and click enter on the program.

6)when you have done that a error will come up. click ok and then the program called iso producer should be running.

7) if is not the program is not compatibale with your computer.

8) click on configure program

9) change the interface to w2k/xp - 10ctl scsi commands

10) change drive to your drive

11) change read mode to be_2<atapi spec 2>"

12) change subchannel reading to read subchannels

there you are!! save the iso to the same folder as autopopstation3.bat please.

i havnt achly tried this out for my self so use at your own risk!!!

if you need any help reply and i will try and help you and also if you find anything wrong with the guide please tell me
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