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PSP emulator for PC

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SushiMaxC Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi there!

I'd like to know if there are any emulators to play PSP ISO, CSO etc. games on PC...I searched and searched and some websites even say there isn't one.

Thanks to anyone who replies!

SushiMaxC Music Productions
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there are none.

MidnightJ Suspended due non-functional email address
I believe a while back someone said there was this beta thing released, and they said even with there high-end computer could barly run the games.

SushiMaxC Suspended due non-functional email address
The vast power of the psp is too powerful for computers! Well so far i've found this address of one in development:

It won't run ISO, CSO or roms yet though. Are there any emulators in development that will in the future run CSO games?

SushiMaxC Music Productions
psp too powerful.

2.71<1.5>3.03oea>3.10eoa>3.40oea= PSPManiac
For information PSP is not powerful as said because it's only a 333Mhz processor and only 32Mb of main memory and in addition the N64 emulator for PSP is running extremly slow so on a pc there is no problem for these kind of emulators.

From my part, any emulator is illegal because that's too easy to download a ISO or (rom for others consoles) to play these via these kind of programs.

just think about it if there's a good ps2 emulator that play games farely well, the market of this console will decrease extremly bad ^^;

and to say for emulating a console we need a computer 10 times better that's wrong because i was able to play the N64 and playstation on a 400Mhz processor pentium II with an only 16Mb ATI with an 8Mb voodoo II card preety good but with my AMD 2800+ 64-bit with an NVIDIA 6600GT there are many bugs and some games are extremly slow !! (tche... and this computer is farely recent to a poorly 400Mhz lool)

In top of that, before rendering a game to be sold for "THIS" console,(to know this topic for PSP) it's tested on computers and far as i can say created on computers so i'm sure, there are some kind of programs that can load PSP games on a windows or linux architecture but that's only for the creators and authors of theses games to have it.

Greetings ^^;

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