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how to play dvd with ps2?

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hey i cant seem to get it working. when i insert a DVD (movies not games) in there, it tells me "Please insert a Playstation 1 or Playstation 2 format disc"

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What modchip do you have?
You probably do have one.

it should read the movie, even an unmodded system can play a back up copy of a movie. It could be the way you are copying it, do you have a normal DVD player that you can test the disc with? A PC would not work for testing as it can play too many file types.

yeah the DVDs works with normal dvd players

and my ps2 is modded... dunno wat type of modchip tho if u ask me
Did it work after you modded it?
no clue, i actually got this ps2 for free.. couple of my friends chipped in and got it for me on my bday, and its already modded when i got it
i can tell you that some mod chips have special boot modes that you need to put the chip in for DVD movies and games. But without knowing the chip you have that is about the best i can do.

My advice is to use a normal DVD player to play them. The PS2 can play movies but it doesn't do the best job. Plus you want to save the laser for playing games and not put extra wear and tear on it playing movies.

Mine actually did play movies but it did not play all of them well, yet on my friends DVD player the movie would play fine. So i finally just bought a cheap Lite-On DVD player and used it instead.

ahh ic, its not that important playing dvd on my ps2 or not cuz i have dvd players already.. and a computer to watch dvds

i just wanted to figure out the reason why its not playing them

like u said ill just save the laser for games :D

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With the chip I have, I have to hold the power button down for about a second before letting go to play DVDs. Try that
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Crystal Chip 2.0 is supposed to be pretty good. I have one but never used it because i exploited instead. So yea, check out crystal chip 2.0

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