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Wii DVD Laser POT adjustment/ tweak and left over white plastic piece.

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I was curious if anyone has attempted to adjust their POT for the laser on their Wii? I have done this, because I was getting disc read errors here and there. My issue's are:
1. A white plastic piece about an inch long fell out and I don't know where it is supposed to go, so when I put it back together the drive now clicks, likely because this piece is missing. So, I'm curious if anyone had any idea where it goes, so I can get my Wii working again.

2. I am uncertain what to adjust my POT to, It was originally at 674 and I turned it down to 585....

Thanks for any help, Pictures would ROCK!!

PS~ Fair warning, do not attempt this unless you are very careful, springs will fall out, small wires are likely to come loose(nothing a little solder cant fix though), and the round thing that spins the disc will have to come out as well. BE CAREFUL and take your time, if you do.
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Here is a picture of the piece.

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i think that is the button for the stop switch oh no you broke your drive
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