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Converting .nrg files to .avi or .mpg??

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Hello all ...

my buddy gave my a video he made and its in .nrg format ... is there a way in Nero to convert or a program to convert it to an .avi or .mpg file?? I am still using the trial verison of Nero 6 and havent used it all that much ... so any help would help really hopeful!!

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You can use Nero Recode to convert to mpeg4. I think you may have to mount the nrg image file with Nero ImageDrive first. The mpeg4 may not be playable by some DivX players. I think VirtualDub will import the file and you can make an AVI out of it or reencode to another format.

You can convert to mpeg or any other video format using the Export function is Nerovision.
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