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how do i play itunes mv4 videos on psp? please help

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i just may be an idiot, but i can play itunes music and move pictures on my psp, but when i try to play music videos from my itunes collection it won't work. are these encrypted or something? i've tried alot of different apps to try to do this and searched it seems everywhere for some kind of advice. i don't know, maybe i'm not searching the proper term or something. anyway, if someone would have pity on me and offer some help i'd appreciate it. i thought maybe you guys could help. i just upgraded my firmware and it didn't work with either one, so...
sorry if this is a dumb question, i'm just frustrated with it.
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They are encoded with a different header, so they wont work on your PSP.

What about converting them? - Click here for more of my PSP Guides.
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Just use Total Video Converter (free trial) and convert ipod format video to PSP format video.

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thanks for the help but that program doesn't work. it says unable to open file. is there no other program or method that can change it to the proper format? i mean, i can copy movies, and put music on it, but not this? seems kinda strange. why everything but this type of file? just wondering.
Its pass-through encoding that you need to just change the headers, but i dont know of any programs to do this, am sure theres somthing out there.

Dont know bout you guys but I havnt had to convert them at all I've tried playing them using PSPlayer and it worked fine only no fast forward options. I found out when I accidently converted the Warriors to Ipod format and tried to play on my psp it worked fine though.

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