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RIAA sues iMesh

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RIAA has decided to sue iMesh, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, remaining large P2P software company. iMesh is based in Israel, but maintains corporate ties in the U.S. and states clearly on its website that all litigation against it should be done in New York. iMesh has evolved over the years quite dramatically and company has switched network technologies more often than anyone ...

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They seem to really like lawsuits.

"Sales are down!!! Sue somebody, quick! Hey! Let's sue EVERYBODY!"

The lawyers gotta be lovin' this $hit.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.
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And the best part is... they're gonna loose the case anyway :)

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I am quite suprised that iMesh was not a target of a lawsuit years ago. As they are running out of P2P network company's to sue, it is not suprising that they are going after the file sharers them selves.

Hopefully the Senator Brownback "Digital Rights Bill" will go ahead and put a stop to the RIAA from issuing subpoena's against suspect filesharers. See my article:
Hmm interesting, whats next winMX? they are running out of targets to sue. Not all of them are touchable, and the RIAA are running out of options. Thier demise is close, this cannot last.

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)
heh :-) RIAA once again turning the guns on the p2p apps, hmm what about the release groups who release full very high quality albums? ah i see, THEY'RE TOO HARD TO CATCH AINT THAT RIGHT RIAA!!! tehehehe
Well who cares finally?
The river can't go back, if kazza or imesh or whatever is down another one will be up!
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Well who cares finally?
The river can't go back, if kazza or imesh or whatever is down another one will be up!
Make good music and make it cheap! We will buy it!
Well afonic, the RIAA's main target is p2p in general, not just particular ones, they want it to be illegal! Which is crazy! I dont see how they could come up with a law that would criminalise and JUST that, if it's even possible! See what we see here are a bunch of guys who know nothing off computers or the internet trying to take control of it. Thats like giving a macdonalds worker the responsibility for nuclear weapons, its a no win situation!
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It does seem to be getting silly. The RIAA is going for broke, and I think they will eventually run out of steam. I hope. I am getting real sick of seeing them in the news. They really can't stop the tidal wave of users downloading.
Well what they are going after now are the sharers! The people who are sharing mp3 around. Obviously trying to kill the flow but that makes seriously no sense because if someone downloads an mp3, it will most likely download to a shared folder so by the time the RIAA get their details and sue them, 100 more people have it in their shared directory. The RIAA just don't understand how it works. All they could possibly do is try to take down the netoworks themselves with some sort of dDOS attack which would be against the law. But they wouldn't do that because if they did start a war like that, then it would be them vs. millions! lol, and the winner would be quite clear!
Sue, sue, sue. That's what their name really is. Really Idiotical Assholey Asshats. RIAA. Sue, sue, sue. They'll sue Jennifer Lopez's ass for being too big soon.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

we've all seen this, right?

(um, adult, sexist humor. used to be called 'black comedy' but now thats racist. wait...who changed the subject? just click on the link and laugh.)

The RIAA has made a very bad decision is suing the comsumers. Yuo don't see the movie industry or software industry doing anyhting in this magnitude to piss off the consumers. The RIAA is not only hurting itself, it is also hurting musci in general. People don't want to buy music if it means that the RIAA will have enough money to go after their neighbor or someone that they know. The most important question is where is all the money going from the lawsuits. It certainly isn't going to the artist but the money is being used to sue more poeple for more money. The RIAA is probebly celebrating about all the money they get form the lawsuits and get to use to continue suing people. Another good question is why won't the RIAA release how much money it earns a year or how much money it is really getting from all the lawsuits? maybe someday we may know tha answer after the RIAA rots in hell.
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This is very interesting since the RIAA lists iMesh as one of the few sites that they recognize as being a legal network.
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