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Converting .aa files to mp3's

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For anyone still struggling with conversion to MP3s I finally figured out the proper combination:

Past river 5.0:


Audible Manager 3.5:


Only with the audible manager will Past river 5.0 be able to convert. I do not know if later versions of Audible M will work or not. This is just the one I found.

Once I had both of these pieces of software installed everything works great. Just open up PR and when you import the AA file it will automatically open Audible manager.


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Yes, you can use the activation code you pay RiverPast for to activate an older versions that will convert .aa files.
If you've already converted the audible files to MP3 you can use Musicutter. I've used Musicutter to split and join MP3 (works with OGG files too). You have to compute the split points but that isn't too diffult for most people. It's free and its available at .
Howdy all,

There has been quite a lot of interest for QuickSplit, judging by the site stats. Since the program isn't just for me anymore, I put in a little extra effort to make it more usable for everybody.

I've uploaded a new version of the code which now allows you to:
* Set a default split length when the program loads up
* Set the default directory it will begin looking for files
* Place the Lame mp3 encoder wherever you please
* Launch from the Start Menu - and you don't even have to learn any Java anymore (how sad)

Thanks to Paul for the "default split length" idea, which also got me off my butt to make the other improvements.

Please read the webpage instructions! A summary is: (1) Unzip, (2) set your initial configs in config.txt, (3) double click QuickSplit.exe.

Again, the URL is:

If you like it, note the "Buy Me a Beer" link at the bottom of the webpage! hehe :)

I have been reading with great interest the discussion concerning Audible files, Apple's Ipod, and Apple's limitation of loading books from only two Audible accounts onto one Ipod. Can anyone suggest a way to "convert" an Audible file from one user id to another, and still retain it in Audible format? I would prefer not to convert books to mp3 if possible.

In the event that this is not possible, I have some questions regarding the use of Goldwave. I installed v5.06, but have not been able to convert any aa files. This is the procedure that I have been using:

file/batch processing
convert files to mp3
attributes: layer 3, 8000 hz, 16 kbps, mono
add files
files of all types

All I ever get is an error message stating that this file type is not supported. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

My audible files are kept in the program files folder in an Audible folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Need help just bought an MP3 player and am trying to convert my files - down loaded the proper older version of River past audio converter - but how do I get past the 2 min trial limit ? what do I enter in the activation box ?

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Hello nielsend,

Try using goldwave to convert .aa files to .wav and then use another programe call LAME MP3 to convert from .wav to MP3.

Also Hello estrachan,

I think you need to pay (to get the activation code) in order to use this programme. I started off converting my .aa files using goldwave as it's free for 3000 commands. More than enough to convert my collection of .aa files

I'm using a 256M MP3 player and I've managed to pack a 7 hrs book into the player.

Thanks paul - I finally went to bed last night at 2:00am after downloading goldwave - I am more than happy to pay - just need to try something enough to make sure it works - I am experimenting right now with goldwave - I am gathering that inorder to fit a large book on an MP3 player with 256M that I need to burn a CD and then parse it out track by track to goldwave and then download to MP3 - this seems very labor intensive - but a full book is too big to fit

do you know of any way to skip a step ?


sigh...I give up.
oh don't give up - I have made quite a bit of progress - still futzing around with Jave - and getting your program open - but time will win out . . . :-)
Adam (aka el loco) - successfully used your software yesterday - still need to perform one last test - but hey looking good - well done . . .
woohoo! Glad to hear it. If all goes well, perhaps your feedback as to how the process could help me make it easier for others.
Anyway, enjoy,
El Loco
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Hi estrachan,

Sorry for the late reply. I'm using goldwave to split the wav files before batch converting via lame. I didn't have to record to CD at all. I may not be doing it right. I may be doing it left so please take it with a pinch of salt. I'm so new at all this I hav'nt gotten adam's prog working.

Thanks everybody.

I'm using Riverpast and converting is a snap.

I appreciate all of your help.

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I am not yet an member, but I would join them ASAP if I could move my downloaded .aa audio files from my PC to my generic USB-style MP3 player... I guess they are proprietary, but they are missing a big market if they make this task impossible to do...

I just discovered this thread... seems like there are a few solutions... could someone give a newbie how-to guide, step-by-step, for recommended ways to convert any .aa files into .mp3 files, please?

Maybe with some alternatives and tradeoffs, too?

Anyways, I need more than hints, less than a textbook.

Anybody up for that, please?
yes, see my previous post and follow the link. It does exactly that - step by step instructions. Take them one at a time and you should be golden.
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Hi Geodude,

I'm using a no-name 256M mp3 player so I'm in the same boat. Thanks to all the members who posted their tips in this forum, I'm able to summarise what went on.

In order to convert .aa files, you can use either of these program:
1. riverpast v4 (not the newer one)
2. goldwave version not important

Pro/cons: Riverpast:
1. 1 step conversion from .aa files to .mp3
2. Need to pay in order to convert more than 2 mins

Pro/cons: Goldwave:
1. Free usage up to 3000 command lines (Good for at least 10 books)
2. use this program to convert from .aa to .wma and then another freebie prog to convert from .wma to .mp3

After converting to .mp3 you will find that the files may be larger than the capacity of the ,mp3 player. That's where el loco's spiltter comes in useful. This allows you to divide a large .mp3 file into smaller files.
Hi people,
I must be doing something wrong here. GoldWave keeps on crashing when I try to convert .aa to MP3. I downloaded Aubible Manager 3.5 & River Past V5. I purchased a key for River Past but when I try to use it on my version of RP it states that it is an invalid registration. I would be happy to trade my serial number that I suspect is only good for RP V6 for one that will work with RP V5. Send me a private message if you are the kind sole that is willing to help.
BTW: If you have any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong here, I would be grateful to hear them. I know I cannot place my email address on this forum so how can I receive some help here?

Thanks in advance....Keith the frustrated one!
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Hi all - I have been experimenting with all of the above. I find goldwave way more powerful than I need and was hoping to purchase the key for the older version of Past River - but is what I am hearing is that one cannot purchase a key for 5.0.0 ? Also when I use quicksplit and use the MP3 conversion option I get bad mp3 sound - so I have had to convert in wav format and then go back to goldwave and convert again back to mp3 -

any input gang ?

Hmm, that's strange re the bad sound. When you first save the file from Goldwave (in preparation for QuickSplit), what are the "Save As" settings that you use?
.wav PCM signed 16 bit mono are the attributes - tried it a couple of times and the sound is garbled -

Chongpaul - thanks for that summary! One thing to note is that QuickSplit takes a .wav into a .mp3, not a .wma - though other programs may be able to go wma->mp3.

estrachan - That is strange indeed. Those sound like the correct settings (what I use). In about 18 books I've never had that problem. Does this happen with every book, or have you only tried with just one? For now, I'll assume that it happens with every book. Since the splitting of the wav works (right?), just not the final conversion, this makes me think that your lame encoder is corrupted or something...I don't know, just guessing here.

Oh - one very important thing to point out - lame takes a while to encode into mp3. You can tell when it is busy in one of two ways:
(1) Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to open the Windows Task Manager. Click the "Performance" tab. Go ahead and try this now, so you can see for yourself. When mp3 conversion is taking place, your computer will be 100% busy.
(2) Your computer runs really frickin' slow!!

So, are you sure that when you try to open the mp3 it is done converting? Like I said, this can take a while before it is doen.

I'd look into that, and also it can't hurt to re-download the splitting software. Delete QuickSplit and redownload it. Delete Lame, and replace it with a new download. Here, to save you some scrolling back,

Keep me posted how it goes! Sorry this is becomming so much trouble, but hey, you're learning new computer tricks at least, right?
absolutley correct - learning is fun - no complaints - I think that it may be my lame file - cause it is converting to mp3 way too fast - I will start there and keep you posted when I debug the problem - in the meantime I have a work around . . .

thanks again
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Hi el loco.

Thanks for noticing. It should be wav. and not .wma. My bad.

GeoDude Suspended due non-functional email address
Chongpaul -- Thanks for the summary!

Where do you find Riverpast v 4? Is this it??
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