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Windata DVD+R DL 8x

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I have read bad things about them. Is it possible that my 360 can not read these disks at all. I think I have a pretty solid understanding of backing up the disks by swapping movie DVDs with WxRipper.
Since I have been through two 10 spools, I will go step by step on how I am attempting to rip my 360 game.

Find magic number...stop drive and swap movie for 360 disk and layout file...change line 3 to Dummy...load layout file...start SS file...use ss merger (tried all versions)...merge and create layer file...copy layer from dvd file...change iso write settings in DVD decryptor to layer brake from dvd file...burn at 4x.

Disk is unreadable is the error message on my 360...tells me to clean the disk or contact XBOX support, but it appears to try to boot the disk...

I guess I am convinced that the problem is my media...I have read some nasty stuff on here about the Windata R+DL files. Anyone care to confirm my theory?
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I guess I am convinced that the problem is my media...I have read some nasty stuff on here about the Windata R+DL files
It's already a good conclusion you've reached.If as you said,you have a solid understanding about backing your discs and still they do not work using the windata,then i suppose that's where the problem comes from.Mostly if you have the hitachi drive,it will not recognize all kind of medias,but one brand it with which it will work flawlessly is Verbatim.You may try to give the Verb a try.I have the hitachi drive and before i tried several medias,not so good ones,they never work,always got dirty disks,but these same discs would work on a samsung drive.What i'm saying is that the hitachi drive tends to a bit picky when it comes to the discs you're using for backup.


The Windatas worked well for me a while. Then they started messing up. I'll now stick with Verbatims until another maker really steps it up. If you have a Hitachi non 78fk drive then you really should stick with Verbatims. I've tried a lot of different discs in every flashable drive and that's stance.
Thanks Ty and Mem, nice to get help as a newbie. Got some Verbs. I am thinking that the main prob is the Windatas will not burn slower than 4x. Started the burn at 2.4x with ImgBurn (looks like DVD Decyptor). The Verbatim are proud of their media! I guess you pay for what you get. I looked at some Memorex that were on sale but opted for the 27 dollar 10 pack. I haop that the issue isn't something to do with the fact that I am doing all of this with a Mac Mini and a USB DL SH-S182 burner. It is running XP SP2 with .net framework 2.0 and 3.0 installed. I bet Bill Gates would hate to think of someone using an Apple to back up games...

While typing it finished and IT WORKED!!!!(sorry about the shout) but my first back up has been made!

Joey P uses Verbatim as well!

Thanks a bunch guys!
Glad to hear it has finally worked for you by using the verbs.Guess that verbatim's reputation is as solid as rock not for nothing:)You get what you pay for!


$27 for a 10 pack? Dont know if you know this, but if you have a local Office Max, they sale the 10 pack verbatims for $14.99. Thats not a sale either, thats the everyday low price. You should check it out.
OUCH! I just looked it up at office max. Burned by Microcenter again. Thanks for the heads up.
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